I think I would carry on making New Year Resolutions every year as a part of my personal tradition. It’s not only fun, it also gave me target to achieve. After all, believe it or not, after I made resolutions like those, I think I got better and better each year. So, why not?

So, these are things I am gonna do this year:

1. I seriously need to control my weight gain. It’s not funny anymore. I know that living abroad would make you gain weight, but I am not sure it would be healthy. So:

a. I have to start doing some physical activity (whatever it means) to burn some fat. Probably walk more, or going out more.

b. eating better. I ate better than before, because I cook. But I need to control the time and the amount of intake.

c. sleep better. It helps me to control weight as well. Hard, but not impossible.


2. I also need to finish my study. Of course, that was my priority and still would be my priority this year. Of course I have some plans beside that, but I think those could wait. If I can graduate with distinction it would double my achievement, but passing with upper second class grade is great too.

There’s a chance I would apply for PhD as well. I hope I would be able to get one studentship offered here… Small chance, but worth trying.


3. This blog should be maintained better. I know I am still active writing stuff, but look at the layout! Look at the color and picture… It’s a pure disaster. I got some friends offering me to help renovating this blog, and it’s time to ask them if they were serious or not? Sometimes it’s just a common courtesy.

I have tried to re-organize the categories, but I don’t think it’s enough. I should make new banner, new backgrounds, and so many things else. I should move the blog hosting as well.


4. I need to get more cultured. Reading books. Watching movies. Get in touch with the world by subscribing news. Come on! I am cut off from the universe since I’m being here. The only way I know what’s happening was only by small discussion at the class or a news from my mother. That’s uncool.

a. read books (5) I lower my expectations considering my schedule

b. visit museums (5) In a year, 5 museums are not much

c. watch movies (5) Seriously? You can always download with that internet speed.

d. read newspaper at least once a week. At least.


5. I still have to work on the relationship with people around me. I know I am not yet good enough… I have to keep my relations with my old friends (which was very hard in the end of last year especially, because I moved to the UK), my new friends (which was hard as well because I have issues with new people), and also my family (which was so hard… I don’t know… maybe I really have problems with interpersonal relationship).

Romance is still in the bottom of my priorities. So, I don’t put that measurement in this year resolution. Serious relationship is of course out of question, so… forget about it.


6. I need more patience. I mean… I do really have patience, but I can’t handle people with patience. I tend to get irritated when people asking me too many questions which sometimes for me unbelievably stupid or inappropriate, or drilled with questions about my life; what i do, what i do next, what i plan, and so on and so on… or… if I have to handle people who’s asking me the same question over and over again like three of four consecutive days. I need more patience… for people who cares. Seriously, I got so irritated by affections and attachments… It’s like leeches in my skin >_<

I really need to be more patient. Answering BBM with a little understanding… which is so hard. To be honest, for this one, I am not sure I can do it.. But I still write this down, who knows it’s achieved in the end of this year.. Little less bitchy won’t hurt, I guess…


7. I think I need to start thinking of my “100 things I need to do before I die” list. You know… Probably completing one item of that list in a year would be good, although it won’t be enough… Anyways…


Have you made your resolution this year?


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