The World Isn’t Fair, Deal With It


I totally get it now. Why Mr. Atheist hates virgins.

It’s not the virginity that scares people away, it’s the virgin head they have. The virgin brain with virgin attitude they possess…

The way they think the world is perfect, and even though it’s imperfect you can always turn it around into perfection. The impossible demand of the fairness; where good people get good stuffs and the bad ones got punished… The plain naive expectation which completely contradict the reality.

In the end. It stresses them out. It makes them angry with the world. Makes them feel cheated… which is funny because in the beginning the world never promise them anything. These virgin heads are full of assumptions.

It annoys me as well.

“I can’t believe it happens to me. I am so angry things just don’t change and get better,” they said to me…

In my head, of course – because they have told me for the million times how bitchy I could be – I replied (yeah with bitchiness), “I can’t believe that after more than a quarter of century you haven’t learned anything…”

The world is not fair. It never promised you the fairness. It never said that if you do good, you’ll get good thing in return. It’s what the stupid books told you so you are motivated to do good things, which for me is quite logical if you do good because… it’s good to be done. And, if you do good things just because you want something in return, it’s no more than bull crap.

The world is not fair. Shit happens. The virgin idealism these girls have in mind just sounds silly. And, I can’t say it out loud because one of them have protested to me before that the way I told them things makes them feel like I was looking down at them. They probably right… Probably not. But, yeah… I might not put any respects on this kind of attitude.

I heard these girls complained about how life being so unfair to them. How they tried so hard and nothing came as the result of their hard work. And if I asked them whether their method was effective or not, they would say either “I don’t care anymore, I gave up” or “yeah… but”.

Now, I can totally understand why Mr Atheist said that these girls are scary. They’re scarily unrealistic. They can say they’re logical, realistic, and open minded. They can say whatever they want to say according to what they believed in their head, but… They never actually understand how it is to live the reality. How real the reality is. And even though they live it, they think it would change eventually.

Hundreds people was born poor. Decades of hardworking, they died poor. That’s reality. That sucks. And complaining about how unfair it was won’t change anything. It would just make your life even more miserable (plus you made the life of people around you as miserable, when you nagging and whining). The world is not fair… If fair means you’re always getting what you want.

If you can’t change reality, change your point of view. I told them many times, but they told me I don’t understand because I don’t live their life.

They thought my life was easy. *giggle*

Happy New Year, my dear… I can wish you a great year… But I guarantee it won’t be any closer to a great year if you still think that perfection exists.


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