I Feel Like Shit


I feel like shit today. My mood was getting worse and worse since the New Year Eve celebration in Denise’s flat. After that day everything just seem wrong. I thought it was because of the PMS, but I got my period already earlier today, so it should stop. The gloomy unhappy feeling should have been gone. It’s not.

I feel like I really need to go back and see my shrink. Or at least, if I can find someone who I can talk to here, about this kind of situation. Someone professional, of course. It won’t make so much difference if I talk to someone like Denise or my ex who would think that this is because of the weather or the Kitchen Situation I had since last night.

They were only the trigger.

I recognize this unhappiness. I recognize the symptoms. I know exactly what this feeling does to me, to my brain, to my emotional stability. And because I recognize it, I know I don’t want to fall to the same situation I’ve been few months ago. I know I can be a happy person, I want to be a happy person.

See? I can’t even write anything positive today.

I guess, this is because I handled too many dramas at once, and apparently I am not yet ready for too many negativities at once.

Anyway. I am not in the mood to write. I just want to keep myself sane until everything goes back to normal.


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