The Blog Goes On


Yes, now I can update my blog.

Although I put the “Keep Calm” poster, no I wasn’t calm at all. I was so freaked out when I knew SuperByq was hacked. Questions arose in my mind. Did I offend anyone from entries that I posted before? Did I install some nasty widgets or plugins in my blog which was a way for these hacker to get in? Or, was it because I just simply popular? (narcissism dies hard)

I tried to contact people close to me to help. Of course in that panic situation, links of FAQ and how-to tutorial that Momo sent me wasn’t quite helpful because I was too panic to read anything. The others who said they care didn’t try to offer any help (so now I know who really cares). The one who wanted to help know nothing about blog (but I seriously appreciate their good intention). And I remembered someone that might know about this stuff, I asked McXoem if he could help (because he has self hosted blog, just like me, I assume he’s aware of this kind of stuff).

This blogger ngalam was AWESOME. Of course I gave him my password because that’s the way he fixed my entire blog, he’s a blogger not a hacker remember? It only took one day, or a little bit more, for him to turn my defaced un-backed-up blog to normal. Well, not normal at first but renovation was one of my 2012 resolution anyway, so I hope you like this new Superbyq look. I tried a cleaner look this time, however narcissism struck when I did it.

I want to thank you for the readers that mailed, BBM-ed, tweeted and left comments about the whole situation. Especially, Soe, Divardha, Thi, AK, Momo, and Fajar. It meant so much for me.

I know that it took me so long to come back and it was a torture for me. At least from this incident I know how important this blog for me. It’s nice to be back 🙂


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  1. yeah thats true, i’m not hacker..
    menyenangkan orang lain itu menyenangkan, byq! Selamat Calm kembali haha

    eh itu coba ke profile, change password ama emailnya ya..