London Calling


I should have posted it couple of weeks ago, but I hope it is still fine to post this now.

So, yes I went to London again.

However, it was a daytrip I planned to met AK who came to UK for her Christmas and New Year Holiday. I think it was not like what we had in mind, but it was nevertheless awesome. The problem was just because we didn’t have enough time and museum closed at 6 pm. So, yeah…

I went very early from Norwich (as usual) taking the earliest bus. Of course I slept on the way there and woke up with sore neck. I think I need to buy this neck pillow so at least I would be fine if I had to have a long journey. I can’t imagine going to Aberdeen for 13 hours on the train without proper sleep.

It is not so hard to find the hotel where AK stayed in London, because you can always ask the police officer. Seriously. No matter how scary they look, police officer won’t show you the wrong direction, unless they really don’t understand where you’re going. Or unless they arrest you.

So I met AK and her mother. And the first comment she made after we were alone was, “your hair….”

Seriously? AK? Seriously?

We planned to watch Wicked the musical in Victoria. Argh… the timing wasn’t really good, you know. Probably we’re really bad at planning. It’s good that none of us are working for the Tour and Travel agency because I think we suck at it. However, it reminds me that I still need to pay 10 pounds to her for the ticket! Please someone remind me to buy that goddamn amazon voucher so I don’t have to live with debt. I think all these unfortunate events are the result of unpaid debt -__-” (yeah… sure…)

How was Wicked?


I think AK also had the same in her mind that it was… well… I can’t find a better word than wonderful (I think she might have better vocabulary, she’s like a walking dictionary). I was thinking of making this going out watching musical as a regular activity, but when I think about it… the ticket price was so expensive, and I haven’t mention the bus ticket from Norwich to London. I think being able to watch it occasionally would make me very happy.

We also went to the Natural History Museum (or something like that) and yes it was crazy. It’s huge and there are so many stones. LOL. I love stones. I have this kind of kinky interest towards stones since I was very young, so it was like heaven for me to be there. I don’t think AK enjoyed it as much as I do though :p Sorry AK, but you chose this museum :p

Anyway, I think I managed to convince AK to study here. I mean, I know she hates studying and it was like an ultimate freedom for her to leave our beloved university. But I think it was my persuasion skill that made her think that she can stand one more thesis before she leave the academic world forever. Yes, by the beauty of the UK.

I am not sure though if I would still be here when she came lol, but yay, I like it when I can make someone do what I want them to do 😀


2 responses

  1. I can’t comment on your hair?! Why?! 😛

    Yeah, we didn’t really plan this day well… >_>

    Museumnya gak seperti yg kubayangkan, hahaha.. mungkin aku ngebayangin museum of natural historynya kaya yg di Night in the Museum ya? Banyak macemnya, bukan cuma bebatuan aja >_>

    Jadi September kamu udah ga di Norwich lagi?


    • You can comment on my hair. But I expected it wasn’t your first thing you would have said when you met me lol. Try: “You look great! Ah.. you dyed your hair…”

      Hahaha.. mukamu obvious sih waktu kita liat batu2an :p

      Supposedly, nggak 😛 tapi berharaplah phd proposalku tembus, jadi aku bisa lanjut 😀