A Little Update


To be honest I don’t really know what to say.

I got my blog back but I just don’t know what to write here. It might be the fifth time since I updated my blog, I found myself staring at the blank page wondering what I should write. What I should tell you.

Yes. So many things happened, during the days when I wasn’t able to access my blog, and yes some of them might be fun to be posted here. But I just don’t know where to start. Those days are just gone!

Maybe that’s why I need my blog. I need something that can record my life in a timeline. A detailed one. Sometimes I just need to look back on my blog to remember what happened at that moment and that’s enough. That’s why I was so broken hearted when google deleted my blog. And so panic when the hacker took over this blog earlier. I just want to preserve some memories I thought might be worth preserving.

And lately, when I found out it is hard to write. It doesn’t mean I started to feel that my life become less and less interesting. It doesn’t mean that I think less as well. But I think because of the hacking it started to changed my feeling a little,

I started to think something like, how if the blog is gone? When you tried to preserve your life and someone just steal it from you? Or ruin whatever you think is priceless.

Sorry I blabber… Just not the right time to write anything actually.


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