So You’re Friendzoned?


Well, just because I don’t have anything to tell you about my life, doesn’t mean I don’t have anything at all, right? (I am so sorry for the double negation, I will try not use too many of it :D) So, I might just tell you my friend’s story.

Anyway, since she didn’t say that I need to keep this as a secret I will feel free to spread this story. LOL. Don’t worry, I will keep the names anonymous to avoid lawsuit.

Let’s say this guy likes my friend. Well, it was pretty obvious from the first time I met him. I don’t understand how his background shaped his personality, but he always tried to convince everybody that he never interested to my friend, and always said that they’re only friends. Well… Looks like he wanted to friendzone my friend. Of course my friend liked it!

Come on… a guy offered himself to be in the friendzone? What kind of sorcery was that?

It doesn’t last long though… The friendship became awkward, and the conversation led to serious talks. However just like the movie, my friend missed the first sign of bad news, so it became bad. Or, I should say… really bad.

The guy decided not to talk to her. Totally ignore her. Be very cold to her. Which for me is very funny and at the same time, childish. Why? Sulking because the girl that you like doesn’t want to go to the next step? Sulking because you don’t get what you want? Feeling angry, dejected, and decided to take the drastic decision to cut off the relationship is not a good way to get away from your friendzone, dude…

Just because Barney Stinson made a theory about friendzone, and there are some testimonies from some guys that it worked, it doesn’t mean that it works all the time. You know? Maybe there are more who tried and fail and never mentioned it because it sounds too desperate taking advice from a character from a sitcom.

From what I saw, many guys who cut off relationship after being friendzoned, gave the assurance the girls needed, that they’d better be friends forever.

One of my friend told me, “I am not afraid being friendzoned. In fact, look at me, if I never got into the friend zone there’s no chance a girl would know my true self, my true personality. She might not see it in the beginning, but for me friend zone is the way I get into her zone to begin with.”

I believe that many won’t agree with this. Most guys won’t, I think. I am not encouraging people to remain silent being in a friendzone of a love one. DO something! Take risk! We girls like those with confidence and pride, not those who sulk and run from the battle before it even begun. You guys always said that girls with confident are sexy, let me tell you: we also think the same about you.

So… You got friendzoned?


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