Kiss Me And Let Me Die


Title: Kiss Me And Let Me Die

Author: Alexandra Karina

Language: Indonesia

Publisher: Universal Nikko



Angel, an ordinary girl with an ordinary dream suddenly found that her life might not be that ordinary. Especially, after she found out that an Angel of Death (the real one) was going to take her life. However, she couldn’t die yet. Not until she got her last wish fulfilled.

But, when she could actually get what she wished for, things become more and more complicated. It’s either not getting what she wants for the rest of her life, or die. Not a really good choice. But time is running out, and Angel needs to make up her mind before death finding its new target.



Alright. This novel is a teenlit. I am so sorry that the way I write the synopsis makes it sounds like it is very serious.

But indeed, it is a serious work.

I am not a fan of teenlit, to be honest. I took this one because it has my name on the “thank you” page, and I didn’t have to buy it because the author herself brought this book to England for me. LOL. Just kidding, AK! I was waiting for this book for years and when it’s finally published I am so lucky that I can be one of the first who got this book. With the autograph of the author (one day it would worth billion times more than its actual price :p).

Anyway, back to the review.

There are two kind of books that I can’t stop reading. First one is the book with lots of twists, which makes me wonder how it would end. The second one is the book, that I already predict the ending but I am very very curious how it would get there. This book is the second one. I knew it, AK! I knew it! But I am not gonna spoil it here.

Like I said, it’s so interesting to know how it get there. I should admit that I finish this book in only one day. Non stop. Fortunately I read it when I was having the winter break, so I didn’t screw my schedule because of reading this book.

Yes, the characterization of the main characters reminded me a little bit to Japanese Manga characters. At first, I thought it was because of the book cover, but I guess it’s not. It is a little bit manga-ish. I mean, the cool guy, the nice guy and the clumsy ordinary girl as the central character is a little bit typical.

I love the humor. God knows how I love smart humor and word plays. Should I say that the humor here is just too smart for a teenlit? I mean, making a joke about death is not easy, and my dear friend I am down on my knee and salute you for doing that. Good job.

Yes because the author is my friend and I have promised her to promote her book, so I recommended this book for everybody…


Of course not! My reputation as a reviewer is actually at stake when I write this review. I tried to be as objective as I can and yet I am still going to recommend this book. It is a teenlit, a bit or romantic, a bit of comedy…

and a bit of magic 🙂


4 responses

  1. Well, normal people lie for good reasons. Remember that white lie debate xD But I like to think you don’t care about doing that to me. And yep, I’m aware it is very thin. I find it very difficult to fill in the middle even though I always love writing about the beginning and the end.


    • Yes, but I don’t mind with it being thin and flowing rather than thick but dragging on. I think it’s because the premise was quite simple, so you didn’t need to expand here and there.


  2. My first official review!! 😀 😀 😀

    Thank you for this. I have been waiting for one anxiously and even though you’re my friend and I was afraid you wouldn’t be able to be honest, I sure hope you managed to do it xD If this is all true, then I’m really really happy 😀


    • You’re not calling me a liar now! I wouldn’t write a review just so I can lie, would I? And why do you think I should lie? To make you happy? Do you think I could be that kind?
      Anyway 🙂 You did a really good job with your novel. I was expecting something thicker though :p