Bravo Bybyq: It’s Two!



If you came last night you might find something weird again about my blog. And it was definitely what you think it was. My blog got defaced again. Two times in a month, now I believe this web hosting sucks beyond repair. I really really really want to move this blog, however I still have no idea where. I think it is going to be a little bit a waste if I bought the unlimited service from some web hosting here, if I only use no more than few MB in a month. Even McXoem has questioned my decision using 5GB before :p

The fact that my blog defaced twice a month gave me impression that either the security of this hosting service is very lousy, or my blog is very popular. I will go for the first one though, although I am so tempted to believe the second one, out of narcissism.

Yes, and Two Heroes as well 😀 This time, the heroes are McXoem (again, because he’s the only one I know that I can trust to access my cpanel and has proven himself as a very experienced blogger which can do anything about blog), and his friend @aurel_666 (I don’t know what he wants himself to be referred to, but since I knew him on twitter, I’d rather mention him with his twitter name :)). When I woke up this morning, McXoem just left a message on my BB messenger and also a mention on twitter, which also mentioned his dear friend.

Both of them saved my ass blog. McXoem said he hasn’t checked my cpanel, something I don’t really understand what for, but yes he still has my password so…

I believe in humanity now.

Well… I always believe in humanity.

The back to back hacking on my blog made me doubt it a little bit though :p, even I just knew from McXoem himself that the one that saved my blog was a repented hacker *confused*.

Anyway, I wondered what I should have done to make my blog safe? Is it hard to transfer blog somewhere safer? And which hosting would be safer? I have told myself over and over again that I wouldn’t continue using this service, and have a couple of months or weeks to decide where to go…



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  1. sayang ane bukan heker mbak, cuman pengen tau aja 😀
    btw, mata berkunang2 liat tulisan dengan bahasa linggis, T_T
    oh yeah, just a suggestion, it did not secure hosting.
    because I personally wrote to go to each website hosting with this one. and if you do need help please just message me on twitter or through mr.mcxoem.

    di padang bro……rencana mo ke jakarta ngerantau…..xixixix
    maklum, hidup di jalanan bakal balik ke jalanan 😀


    • Maaf yaaa.. dulunya superbyq ini nggak ditulis pake bahasa inggris, tapi sekarang sekalian dipake latian buat belajar di sini 😀
      Iyah, udah rencana mau ganti hosting sejak lama tapi belom tahu mau pake hosting apa yang baru. Bingung pula kalo pindahan bakal repot atau nggak…
      Aku udah add twittermu… makasih banget yaa..

      Tebakanmu salah semua Xoem. Bukan Palembang, bukan Lampung. Lebih salah lagi… ternyata Aurel bukan heker!


  2. gak usah confuse, aurel mah sekarang heker insyaf yang kini mengabdi pada masyarakat dengan programnya memberi ketrampilan pada anak-anak jalanan di.. hmm Palembang apa lampung ya, gak pernah ketemu sih hahaha