Let’s Judge a Byq By Its Cover


One of the topics that was missed to be published because of the earlier incident with hackers, is about the theme of the year. I changed my last year’s “Yes It’s Byq” to “Let’s Judge a Byq By Its Cover” (and at the same time removed the byq-o-graphy, and changed it into 100 byq). Why?

Well… Considering this blog is a part of myself, while I am growing up, it follows my growing up process as well. Last year there are lots of soul searching, finding myself and opening myself to many opportunities. “This is Byq” can be vaguely seen as “this is me” or “this is big”. Yes, the soul searching process is a big thing to do… and after all, last year, many big things happened to me. This year, I hope it would be different.

After dealing with the inner self, I wanted to show other people the real me. I mean, to be honest about myself is not something easy. Sometimes in order to feel better, people make covers to show who they’re not inside. I remember one a bitter quotation someone put on her status in facebook (I am pretty sure she quoted it somewhere else, but not everybody know how to use the Harvard referencing system, do they?), “Thank you for loving me for who I’m not”.

Yes and her friends would all goo, “aaaaw” and comment her status with some sympathy and the pity party start, clogging my feed box with rubbish. Nobody asked her, “how did he know you for who you’re not?”

What kind of assessment you had? How do he thinks you are who you are not? What kind of impression you made for him?

Believing that a relationship (not only a romantic relationship) is a two way activity, it’s almost impossible for people to make his or her own judgment without you giving the other party the first wrong impression. You’re gonna tell people not to judge a book by its cover, but let’s be honest, you would be very hesitate buy a book with a lousy cover and shitty back-cover synopsis.

Giving the wrong impression can mislead the relationship. Especially when no one tried to correct the wrong impression. I should admit that misleading people can be very entertaining once in a while, but not in a serious context of course.

This year, I want to be honest to myself and to other people. Maybe they will be interested to who I am, and if they do, it would make my life soooo much easier. Yes, my self searching process is still going on, but the main focus is how to show my progress to the world. Not such an easy task, but doable 😀


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