Just A Letter


Dear Bybyq,

Hi girl! I heard you screwed everything there. I knew you would, and I am so glad you did. It just proved me that I was never wrong. Probably I will never wrong in the future, but let’s see.

So how’s life? Okay, I knew you screwed, but apart from your fucked up crazy little flings, I think you’re doing quite well, weren’t you? I mean, you still had this okay grades from your so-so essays. You can still cook some craps, and smoke although you’re basically running out of cigarettes. See, if anyone would send you cigarettes, but I am not sure about that because nobody cares if you can smoke or not.

See? It wasn’t that bad.

And that nice guy you met earlier this week. Screw him. He might just too good for you. You know… steady realistic relationship, just not for you. Yeah, that’s why that nice guy you met from TW left you. That’s also why the nice guy that you liked chose another girl. But anyway… You’re not up to romance whatsoever, are you? No, I don’t think so. I know you better than anyone else. Let’s say, I am your gollum and you’re my smeagol. Not a pretty analogy, but you know…

So now you’re going to the shrink again? Can’t handle it, can you? You can try… but you know you can’t get rid of this feeling only by talking. I know you chose to continue this session because the counselor is cute, didn’t you? You’re rubbish, and predictable. You’re not that cool, you know?

Tell you what? It doesn’t take a genius to say that your fake narcissism was your mask to conceal your incompatibility with the world. Seriously, you should just take that mask down, and you’d just a below average girl. You only have yourself.

You want me to stop?

Remember the letter I gave you few weeks ago? See how you screw yourself with those young lads? Yes, you deserved that. You deserved to be screwed by those people who doesn’t really like who you are. They were just playing, and you knew it, you pathetic being.

Anyway. I should stop.

Before you decided to jump from your flat window, thinking that you might just die like a coward, although probably somewhere in my head, I know that you might be better not living this life anymore. It’s too good for you, you know?

Hey Bybyq. See you next time when you screw again.


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