A Little Update Before I Start Again


Of course I don’t just quit this blog like that. I know it’s been awhile since the last time I posted, so before I proceed I should give a little update (and actually some highlights of the months so I remember what I needed to post).

– Valentine’s Day

It was great. And to be honest it was the best Valentine’s Day ever.  I don’t need an arguments, and if someone like Amy believed that Valentine’s Day should be spent with someone special, then it’s her opinion. And just for the record, Noel Gallagher is more than special, don’t you think?

– Weekend trip to Leeds

It was definitely a stress reliever. Go there solo travelling, and get as much as I wanted. Be a little bit cultured, and I think I just achieved one of my New Year target 🙂


After feeling so down in the beginning of this month, I just needed some mood booster. And had one, and it was fantastic. Got crazy weekends afterwards, of course not everything went smoothly like what I wanted, got all my troops smashed at Bev’s tiny villages. Made me want to throw my goddamn laptop out of my window. Luckily I remembered that she’s just not worth it. TW life is a little bit more gloomy that I was expected, and yes, I will tell you about that later too.

School life? Ah yeah…

About that.

Well, now it doesn’t sound really convincing, does it? I mean, I like being at the class, it’s fun because we basically talked about things that we passionate about. But the assignments are pain in the bottom. And now, since the deadline is approaching… What should I do?

So that’s the summary of the last two… or three weeks. Be back soon with all the details.





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