Happy Valentine’s Day (1)


It’s late but who cares?

Shut up if you do.

So yeah.

I’ve been planning for my perfect Valentine’s Day this year, since this year might be the end of the universe, so I think I should just make the most of it, shouldn’t I? I managed to buy one ticket for Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Bird concert in Aberdeen (keep in mind that it would take more than 8 hours from Norwich to reach Aberdeen). And, also buy a dress, cute one from ZARA to be worn on that occasion. Yes I am a fan, sue me!

I went there Monday afternoon. I was too excited so I came to the railway station three hours earlier. Waiting there was kind of boring, but I managed to amuse myself by memorising the songs I would love to hear on the concert. Surprisingly I met Luisa there. She was with her partner and her baby girl Bianca. It means now I have met all of her family members, because I met the older girl when she came here to visit few weeks ago.

Okay, that was my second time using the train to travel. The first time doing it alone. The last time I used the train was when my flatmates and I went to Cambridge, and it was four of us. Travelling solo for the first time (using train) gave me both excitement, and anxiety. Every time the train was moving, I always wanted to scream, “Aaaargh! You know what? I am travelling solo just to see my lovely Noel Gallagher! In Aberdeen! Aberdeen, can you believe it?”

But, no I didn’t do it, of course. It would be too outrageous.

From Norwich you had to change the trains three times to Aberdeen. First one the train from Norwich to Peterborough, and then from Peterborough to Newcastle, and then from Newcastle to Aberdeen. It was a fun ride though.

I stopped at Newcastle in the middle of the night, and should continue the journey the day after. It was crazy because I thought there would be a place to sleep in the station but there wasn’t, so I walked a little and found out that not so far, there is a hotel to stay. Of course, more expense, but hey I was in the Valentine’s Day mood, so the hell with it (I just need to cut the clothing budget, lunch budget, alcohol budget, and stop buying doritos for the next three months, don’t you think?)

Anyway, the hotel was nice. Surprisingly nice. It was clean, with a large bed (which I missed so much) and also the bath tub (which I also miss a lot). I took the opportunity to soak in the hot tub and release my fatigue. I paid for it, I should enjoy it!

The journey continued.




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