Happy Valentine’s Day (2)


To the north.

It’s getting colder and colder while we’re getting closer to the North. After spending one night with a really good sleep in Newcastle I found my cool again. Feel relaxed, and happy. However, it wasn’t last long, because once the train reached Edinburgh, I started to feel the anxiety and excitement.

I took a look at every faces there, and tried to remember each one. Trying to make sure they’re also coming to the concert I am going to. Really. I took my ‘Noel Gallagher limited edition music magazine’ out just to see their reaction. Nobody reacted.

Of course.

How can I get that magazine?


Apparently waiting for 3 hours in Norwich railway station made me bored to hell. So I went to a bookstore there, planning on window shopping just to kill time. And since I was never a magazine reader, I thought there were no harm on looking on the magazine section. Lucky me, I saw that magazine, and it was only few exemplars left. I can imagine in ten or twenty years it would be hunted by collectors. And by that time, I already own one.

Ha ha!

Anyway… where was I?


The Aberdeen railway station is integrated with the Union. I don’t know what’s the Union is. I think it’s some kind of plaza, because I can see lots of cafes and shops there. And there were lots of people. Scottish. And they’re cute. However, it’s not because of their cuteness, but the crowd made me lost.

Tried google mapping and it was said that the guest house I am going to spend the night at located not so far from the railway station. But, when I decided to walk there, suddenly it becomes too far and to be honest I lost my direction every time I stopped at the crossroad. So, I went back to the railway station and took a taxi.


But I didn’t want to waste time. I had to get prepared to watch the concert, didn’t I? So I met the very friendly taxi driver. He told me that it wasn’t snowing there at Aberdeen while it was snowing all over the country. Impressive isn’t it?

The guest house I stayed in was Jay’s Guest House. It is a medium size house with a very beautiful decoration inside it. My room was very warm and comfortable. The bedding was a little bit girly, but I love it (of course, it’s pink!). They don’t have bath tub, but the bathroom was so clean and pretty. Everything there was pretty. And it was like coming from other part of the world. I almost instantly decide that I love Scotland and would love to stay there forever. Too bad it was only a short visit.

The gust house is owned by The Jennings. They were really nice. Of course at the first day I only met Alice Jennings, she was the one who greeted me and showed me the room. But, I had made some correspondence with George before because he was the one who answered my email when I booked the room. Love them so much, maybe I would just go there again if I had time.

Okay, apart from the hugeness of the railway station, Aberdeen is apparently a small town. Didn’t see so many people around. But think about it again, maybe it’s because of the location where I live which made it feels that way. Why? Well, because I just knew that my guesthouse was located just opposite the cemetery.



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