Happy Valentine’s Day (3)


You know that I always save the best part for last. I kept the best part of the story for the closing. No particular intention, just an irritating habits πŸ˜€

Anyway, where should I start?

Ah… I think it’s time to actually tell you the story how I met your father Noel Gallagher, isn’t it?

Just like the day before, excitement made me a little bit crazy. Because I remember how crazy it was when we watched Coldplay for my birthday, I didn’t want the same thing happened again. And because I want to stand as close as possible to my god, so I came earlier.

A little bit too early I guess.

Yes, three hours before the door opened.

Come on, you can’t blame me for being too eager. It’s not just anyone. This is Noel Gallagher, the God himself.

But, bugger! It was too cold outside and smoking didn’t really help because I skipped lunch and didn’t have anything hot to drink. Standing there outdoor was killing me. So I left for a while to grab a cup of coffee. Imagine that. No eat. Drink coffee. I was trying to kill myself, don’t you think?

When I was back to the place I left before, there are some people are queuing. I asked one of them if they’re queuing for the door. The girl there said they were waiting on the backdoor for Noel Gallagher to come. Excited to that notion, I just queued along with them. And yes, we weren’t waiting in vain, because about an hour later he actually came.

Don’t ask me what I did. I was totally starstruck. I took some pictures. Bad ones. And didn’t even think of asking him signing my bra! I didn’t even ask him for a kiss. Stupid stupid stupid.

Should go to another concert so I can get what i want. 😦

While I was waiting I actually talk to three persons. One mother with her son. Lucky lad! If my mother brought me to the rock concert for the Valentine’s Day, it would be the lifetime experience you could tell to all your friends. And a platinum blonde pretty girl who smoked more than I did.

The door opened. The concert begun. Yes, I got the perfect place to see him and took pictures of him. Of course some of you already saw them on my facebook or my profile pictures. No worries, I will put one here too. But, you can choose which video you want to see πŸ˜€

Do you want those from his new solo album? Or you want the old Oasis classics? I can give you some options:

a. stranded in the wrong beach

b. broken arrow

c. don’t look back in anger

d. supersonic


Remember. Your choice will decide which video which would be posted here πŸ˜€


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  1. well, i was torn between 1st and 3rd.. mm, another vote for don’t look back in anger then..