My Blog Is Up Again


I know it is more than a month since the last time I blog. It wasn’t a hiatus, it was just a little technical problem with my blog transfer and many things at once. I know that I missed this blog a lot, because like what I said, maybe this blog is what keep me sane for many years.

I’d like to thank my #bloggerngalam friends who helped me with the transfer and migration. I am so sorry that I bugged you and kept asking about my blog >_< To McXoem who’ve been so patient with my blog, which for several months has been too much in trouble, and the head of #bloggerngalam community, Haqqi who give his time on his busy life to make this blog up again. Thank you very much.

As I promised I tweeted some pictures of places I went to with #bloggerngalam’s official pin to show my gratitude. I will post some pictures that I have tweeted. The first one is the picture of ‘Singadinata’ at Arsenal Football Stadium, and the second one is the picture of the guard changing ceremony at Buckingham Palace.





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  1. mwahahahahhahahaha…. iya bener, namanya singadinata *ngasal. Ituh yang punya nama udah ngasi komen duluan :)) *lanjut ngakak