Before We Go On…


I feel I really need to update with some news before I continue writing again. Of course it is a little bit too much for me to cram the whole month into one post, because although it is possible, it might be too long and boring for any reader. So, I’d rather post some highlights of the month and maybe if I have time I will post some catch up entry šŸ™‚

Firstly, I am now in the middle of writing my dissertation. For those who’s already familiar with my thesis writing story about a year ago, you know I might talk more about the topic I am writing about and anything that is going on during the writing process. It hasn’t been a smooth process so far, since I am a little bit distracted with few things in my life. I hope it wouldn’t be too long because now since I have my blog back, I can get my head cool.

As you know I developed a new interest in cooking since I came to this country. Well, I lost it for awhile when the kitchen fiasco happened over and over again and it became really filthy. Now I changed my point of view a little. Eating the microwavable food is not too good for me. Of course it is enough to keep me full, and sometimes it tasted fine, but then the weight issue became the other problem of mine. Now cooking is not only something that I like, or something as an outlet of my creativity, or something that keep me happy, but also a way for me to control how many calories intake, how many carbohydrate and fat that I take a day. No, I am not turned into a health freak, but being conscious about what I eat is not a bad thing, I guess… And, I might want to talk about this too, in the future.

Something that I cooked few days ago

I also remember the last entry before this blog went on maintenance was some… well… according to Soe, romance. I am gladly say that I am now in a relationship again. Things weren’t as smooth as I wanted it to be, but I think there are some things that need to be adjusted. Given a fact that there are some differences in cultural background, sometimes the thought of the possibilities that this relationship might not work terrifies me a lot. I might post a little about this too.

Other stuffs, some of my friends are going to get married in June. So, I might go back to Indonesia for a while. However, I am not sure that the timing is good. There are a lot to be done here.


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