One thing that I learned from my thesis writing experience is that writing about the same thing and revise over and over again for more than three months is boring. The only way to make the writing process less torturing is by choosing a topic that you like. Something that you are willing to spend the rest of your life talking about it. For me, the more personal the subject, the more interesting the topic would be.

For my thesis I wrote about my hometown, Solo. I analysed its Cultural Marketing process which was so close and personal for me. I witnessed the progress of my hometown, and had a first hand experience of whatever happened there. No matter how boring the process of writing the theoretical framework, no matter how slow the revising progress, talking about something that you can relate to is so much easier than talking about something that is still alien for you.

I might not get the best score for my thesis. I don’t want to blame y supervisor because I should have known better about my topic, and shouldn’t have given in to his opinion. I know that if I was being persistent I might have been able to get better score. No regrets, though. I think I’ve done my best.

Therefore, for my dissertation I wanted to write about something that close to my culture, and something that I love to do.

My initial idea was to analyse the usage of internet meme, such as those we can easily found in 9gag. But, after several supervising, the idea was getting more focused on one interesting meme, about Asian parenting. Tiger Mom.

The terminology “Tiger Mother” was popularised by a Chinese American mother, Amy Chua. She wrote a book titled ‘Battle Hymn of The Tiger Mother’, which describe the Chinese American parenting style, in a satirical way. However, many readers couldn’t get the idea of self parody that Chua claimed in many of her interviews, and the strict Asian parenting style became a media blow up.

One funny thing that I found from the research was that in China, this kind of parenting style is something normal. I believe many Asian kids also found that this is not something that need to be blown up. The attitude towards this ‘Tiger Mother’ thingies has changed after the blow up.

This topic is personal for me, because I am a product of a ‘Tiger Mother’ parenting style myself. I remember the nights when my mother sat on the dining table with me practicing math. She refused to believe that I suck at math. And she held up this beliefs until I graduated High School and still suck at it.

The reason why I chose this topic in particular, is not as a silent protest to my mother’s parenting style. It is as simple as how I can relate to this topic and it is interesting to talk about a culture that I know so well. It is personal. And I will take it very personally.



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  1. I’ve chosen an interesting topic for my thesis (product placement in movie :)), but it still takes months to finish… >_<

    Anyway… I'm glad that my parents didn't apply tiger parenting style. They are a little bit conservative but in a good way.. :). The topic is interesting though, I bet there are some psychological theory that could explain why certain parents at the end become a tiger parent. Probably Maslow's hiearchy of needs or Freud's defense mechanism…


    • I wish I studied psychology. I wouldn’t analyse the phenomena from psychologist point of view, but you’re right it would be very interesting if I did.

      I just thought that my parents had to endure the same situation when they were young, so that’s the only parenting style they knew. I don’t think when they were young they learned a lot about parenting, so they just did what they knew best.