Come and Whine, Let’s See What I Am Gonna Say About That


Back when I was in Indonesia, I was known as a person who never say nice things when anyone came to me and whine. Just like my dad, I would start to annoy people with lectures about how things should have been done. Or I might just don’t care and leave. Or I might make sarcastic comments.

Basically, I just couldn’t be nice.

But hey! How can I be nice to someone who whine about little things while I had to deal with my own life? I can assure you that my life is no less suck than any other miserable beings who came to me to complain about their unfortunate life. How can I sympathise with these people while they came back to me with same things over and over again, after I kindly gave them suggestions how to solve that shit?

I am not a patience person, and I knew it. I tried to change, and I made it! For few months.

The first few months being here, I didn’t have too many close friends, which is understandable. And I can say that it might be the most peaceful few months in my life. No one came to me to whine, or asking for suggestion, or cling to me like leech. Denise and I have the same friendship style; close enough to know, but not that fucking close. I’m glad she’s not that clingy girly mate. Seriously.

But then came these girls. I never really get along with girls. There only few that I can get along well with, and those girls are usually have some kind of emotional distance from me. These new girl friends… oh dear. They cling, they suffocate, they just couldn’t be alone. Or leave me alone.

They are a type of person who call, instead of text. And I hate talking on phone. And they took it personally when I told them to text instead of calling. What the fuck?

And then it started again. The long elaborated whining talk about how life treated them badly. How they couldn’t get a boyfriend. A boyfriend! How they want a friend who understand them.

One question I never got the answer from the start. Why me?

Why me?

So I lost it few days ago. One of these girls messaged me on facebook after a month vacation. And when I asked her how’s she, she bitterly answered that she was fine apart from being forgotten and abandoned by the world. What the fuck, Girl? You came to me to say that?

Then I snapped, and replied to her, “well good luck attracting the world’s attention with such a negative attitude”. Enough is enough, isn’t it? So let’s see if she’s gonna come to me and whine again. I’ll smash her last bit of confidence, and crush it like mashed potato.


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