The Heat Is Killing Me


Who am I complaining about the heat? It is summer and everybody is excited on how they would spend their day under the sun. I don’t mind. But I melted under this weather >_<

Coming from the country where the sun shines all year round, shouldn’t I get used to the heat? No I am not. Of course not. Where I lived almost every houses are air conditioned. The cars are air conditioned. The malls are mother fuckingly air conditioned, and you can experience autumn inside that goddamn mall. So, have you ever heard me complaining about the cold here? Nope. I am complaining about the heat.

But Summer is coming, and anyone who started to make a “500 days of summer” joke on me would taste a bit of Mel’s Punch, how does that sound? Sound like PMS, I guess.

Anyways, the heat is killing me. Not only it made me tired all the time, it made my PMS worse. Of course at the more positive point of view, it is fun because I can wear clothes that I’d love to wear, which means no more big jacket, thick coat and scarves. But WTF the sweating isn’t fun! The make up can’t stick long enough, and it feels sticky even after you take shower.


Summer reminds me of the beach. >_< and how fun it was when I went to the beach. Even if I browsed for picture for “summer” it came back with a lot of beaches picture.

Hell… I don’t know how long summer will last. Maybe if I had time I would go to the beach again. Instead of complaining about the possibility of getting a heat stroke, I might just enjoy everything that I can get in summer before the fall come again.

Sundress, Sunglasses, Strappy sandals, Strawberry daiquiri, Sea, Sand, Sun, Solo travelling, Sex. Summer.


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