Breaking Up Is Hard To Do


Okay, here’s the deal…

You know I don’t reveal details, but, as I posted earlier, I am single again. And no, I am not happy about it, and no, I am not okay. I took it really hard and not in a good way.

Of course, slowly I will come back to my senses, but now all I want to do is being all emo and annoying. I don’t care about the 7 stages of grief, I don’t know in which stage I am now. All I know is, in few days or weeks I will be all menyemenye and nothing you can do about it.

I welcome comments, and if you want to say something harsh, please do. I might not care, but it might help too.

Basically, I don’t want a break up. Godammit, he’s the best person I’ve ever been with. Of course I didn’t expect everything to be smooth. But heck every relationship had its bad moment.

I don’t care if they said that it’s his loss to lose a girl like me. It doesn’t make me feel better. It doesn’t make me feel superior. It doesn’t make it less painful. So, who cares whose loss this is, all I care about is how I lick my wound and heal.

Yes, Noel Gallagher keeps telling me, “come on baby blue, shake up your tired eyes the world is waiting for you”. But please Noel, I don’t have that strength right now. I am this close to abandon my dissertation, if not because of many supports that I got from random people who pretended to care.

Forgive me for being extremely cynical right now, but this is a notoriously scumbag universe. It took everything that I care about away. So why should I save the planet? Let’s litter, and burn all the forrest!!



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