The Tiger Mom and Her Cubs


A tiger mother doesn’t raise a timid little lamb daughter.

At least that’s what I believe.

Someone asked me if one day I could be a tiger mother, if I would have a child of my own one day. That question kept me thinking for days, and it actually opened my eyes. And mind. And made me realise why my parents did what they did. And why some people just became the person they said they’d never be.

As much as I dislike how little options I had when I was young, I started to virtue some of the values that they taught me. Some moral values that created the person I am today.

I was taught to believe in patience, and hard work. Knowing that good things came to those who craved for it. I was taught to believe to give an effort, the best effort I could give. And now I know why.

In one of Grey’s Anatomy episode, O’Malley was given an impossible patient. He said to Dr. Bailey that the patient was basically dead. But Bailey did not accept that, and asked him why he had to do what he had to do. In the end O’Malley knew that he had to do everything possible to be able to face the family of the dead and tell them that he had tried everything to save this patient.

It’s about regret. Regret of not doing things the right way. Of not push yourself a little bit further. Of letting go things that you can actually saved. Of giving up things that you are actually entitled to.

It’s about if onlys. If only you make one extra checking. If only you give it a chance. If only you wait a little longer. If only you sleep one less hour, or wake up one hour earlier.

Trying hard is not about the ambition of becoming the ruler of the universe. It’s about how you see yourself today in the future.

So would I be a tiger mother?

My mother is a tiger mother, well, dragon mother to be exact. And she made me a tiger cub. And if I looked back I might still find some regrets my mother had, and I know she had to deal with it. Something that she couldn’t fix in me. She did it for my other younger siblings.

Yes my mother is a tiger mother. But the fact that I didn’t turned out to be a coward little lamb should have made her proud. I might still lack of bravery, and strength, but I faced the hard decisions like a boss (and I meant it. And I will post about that someday).

I might not be a tiger mother one day. But once a tiger cub, I wouldn’t turn into a cowardly mom. I want my children (if I had ones, one day) look back and have no regrets.

Sound alright to you?


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