Thanks, Cosmo, You Made Me Sound Like A Boy


So, few days ago Denise lend me her Cosmopolitan magazine. I don’t know why she did it, maybe she just wanted to cheer me up a little. However, in that magazine there’s an interview article to guys about their heart broken experience.

Most of them said that they took extreme steps to get over their broken heart. Which for me is understandable. One of them said that he cried, he drank, and pulled as many women as possible, which was exactly what I was thinking. Although with different motivation, I understood the situation.

I know how selfish it sounds. Some people said that it was a distraction, some other said that it was unhealthy. I might have different method in dealing with things, and if those things were acceptable for men, why not for me?

Which led to other question, where those men were asked about what they thought about “more feminine” method of getting over a broken heart. One of them said that maybe their method is a little bit rockier, but they will get there quicker. So, if I wanted to take the rocky road to get there quicker, why people are so concern about it?

I mean… Please.

Who wants to be in that state forever? Being miserable, feeling sorry for themselves, and heal the wound day by day and yet still having to deal with other life problems (hint: dissertation). I think I’d better go crazy for a week and move on quick so I can function like a normal student again. Who knows I can go back on market again, which as far as I remember: fun!

I wouldn’t nag those who chose slowly but sure methodology. Those who believe that time will heal, and it takes time to get back on track. But why are these people nagging me for choosing different trick? Why did they have to see me like a pathetic person who tried to runaway from reality… Hey! I didn’t run. I chose to deal with it quicker. Dammit.


Happy Jubilee?


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