Can Someone Actually Help Me? Please?


If I really ask you nicely. Very nicely. Can I get what I really really want right now?

Okay, I have to be very honest with you now. I am really stressed with things going on in my life, and especially my dissertation. I need something to make my blood rush to my brain so it can work again and I can start working… again. I need my cigarettes.

Okay, no offense, but I don’t really like the cigarettes here. Even the menthol ones tasted like burnt paper.

I love kretek cigarettes. Djarum Black Menthol. I am so Indonesia in this aspect of my life.

Let me tell you why this cigarette is so much better than any other cigarettes. First, kretek cigarettes use clove. It gives the zingy tangy on your tongue, and sweet aftertaste on your lips. And have I ever told you that kissing someone who’s just smoking kretek cigarettes is the best? Okay I only had two exes who smoke kretek cigarettes and they kissed like… oh fuck I am not telling you this.

So, I’ve been asking people to send me this cigarettes. Basically you are allowed to send up to two cartons (20 packets) of cigarettes, for personal use only. And I had it sent… once. Unfortunately, these fellows are now not very dependable in this kind of things. I know… I know… when you have a boyfriend, then all boys and girls who were trying to impress you suddenly stop and even better they stop being friends at once. How life being nice to me.

I just want to enjoy a real cigarettes again. Once again no offense but I’m done with these sissy cigarettes. Of course I can roll myself, but that means no menthol flavour and I would hate that.

Mandy gave me a packet of cigarettes she got from China. Which is a really good thing because that’s the closest I can get to my kretek cigarettes. It is still not a kretek cigarettes, but at least I can taste tobacco, and not burnt paper. I know I asked too much but if anybody… anybody read this and feel a little bit sympathy to this poor girl, and decided that… oh well, maybe sending her two cartons of Djarum Black Menthol is not a bad idea at all… please let me know.


I deserve that.


4 responses

  1. I don’t know… never try. I am content just to live with what I’ve got here (big sacrifice… hehe)… Though like you said, they taste like burnt paper … ;p …


  2. Same here Byg… 😦 … I am desperate to smoke (cigarettes) … Uh ohhh … I try to give up smoking though … (for the sake of my children, yeaayyy…) but old habit dies hard … hehehehe… Sorry, can’t really help you …


    • Aaaw… At least I know that I am not alone in this. It helps a little. Sending kretek cigarettes to Australia is so much cheaper I guess?