I am a very serious person. Don’t laugh, because I am very serious when I am saying this. I know that the way I said it and the way I look and the way I behave lately made some people take my words lightly and didn’t take me seriously, which I don’t care, but I am a serious person.

I am serious about my life, my goal, my plan, my principal and my blog. I am serious about my preferences on how I live my life, on what I like and what I don’t like. On what I eat. On what I drink. I am very serious about being serious and even I made joke about it, it just to make you understand how serious it is to me.

I am serious even when I do my game. I am serious even when I listen to music.

And that’s why I am so stressed when I flunked. I got so depressed when I screwed. Because I am very serious at it and thus I don’t want to get things wrong.

Things doesn’t have to always go my way, but when it’s totally out from my prediction, I would be flipped. And that’s not good.

So when my mother told me not to take things personally. Or basically telling me not to take things too. And when she made a joke about things that is important for me, things that I do very seriously (and apparently screwed seriously), and asked me not to get these seriously…

And asked me not to take this personally?

Think about it. And tell me why I shouldn’t I get pissed off?


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