It Is Sweet Like Candy


I am not a fan of sweets.

I used to be a girl who turn to a bar of chocolate or a cup of hot chocolate when bad things come. I used to have a pocketful of candy when I go to school just for something to chew. Basically, I am not against sweet. However, the I have diabetes running in the family from both sides of my parents, so it is only sensible for me to cut out sweets and carbs to get myself away as far as possible from diabetes.

After sometimes, I got used to non sweet things. Eating too much sweet makes me sick. To be honest I don’t know how some people here live with desserts. You know, like D or Mandy who would give up the main course for desserts. I prefer the main course. Of course.

That’s how I see life too.

I used to believe that sweet talk and gestures are the best way to get me satisfied. Like how people tell me that I look good, or that my new hair looks stunning, and how wonderful I was. I used to like when people make sweet gesture like over dramatic hellos and good byes, or soft touch on the hair when we sat next to each other.

It’s sweet. Like candy.

I still like it.

But too much of it makes me sick.

Once in a while I want it to spark things up, but too much of it makes me want to run away from it for maybe a hundred years. Or more.


I am not a type of girl who wants everything sweet. I know I am not living in the candy land, and I know that not everything in this world should be all good. I want some bittersweet. I want some spice. I want some hot and cold, and crunchy and gooey. I want varieties.

I want to go out in the wild, and sit on the fancy restaurant drinking wine. I want to dance madly in the club, and waltzing like a queen. I want agreement, I want arguments. I want varieties.

Making everything sweet for me wouldn’t work. Too much candies makes me sick. And even if it doesn’t it still makes me feel bad about myself for long run. Treating me like a fragile china doll wouldn’t work.

Oh what a demanding byqtch


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