Trying Too Hard


Back to 2005, Onyed sang this song for me after her first few attempts asking me to go out with her. Anyway, it was a bittersweet memory I had with her. But today, I just realised that this song is still relevant. Not for me, but for people around me.

If anyone I knew in real life read this, I just want to say: “please stop trying too hard”

I am going to break your heart if you did.

Not that I don’t appreciate your efforts, but the feeling that I am obligated to appreciate your effort will eventually push me away. Stop trying too hard because good things only come naturally. Stop squeezing yourself into my personal space because for now there’s not enough room. Stop trying to cheer me up, because I need time to grieve and contemplate myself.

And most of all, stop telling me that you understand, or that you can understand, because if you really did you would have never said that to me.


Stop trying. Stop adding catalyst to life because when there’s no chemistry, no matter how much you put it in, it would never spark.

Damn, I start to talk like Grey’s Anatomy¬†narration.


4 responses

  1. I pick this song as my soundtrack today … yup … as a reminder that I need a break from this d***** thesis of mine …