The Dating Guru


One of my old friend suddenly send a text few days ago. Understanding her nature, I know somehow the whole conversation will lead to the romance/dating/love problem that she’s having at that moment. Of course, I know that she will open the conversation with something really casual like her job, or her family, or a gossip about one of our mutual friends, but… I just knew.

And of course I was right. Like always.

She asked me many things about dating. How she should respond. Should she be the one who send the text. Whether he’s into her or not, or whether the regular routine text is a good sign or not. Just a lot of questions.

I don’t know if she knew, but I don’t think I am the right person for someone to come and ask about dating. Yes I dated a lot of people, and I had few relationships, but I think it doesn’t make me a dating guru. Of course I have some tricks, but it doesn’t mean that it works for everybody.

Unlike Barney, I don’t believe in 3 days rule. I also don’t care who makes the first move. I don’t have this “10 things you need to know about dating” or “a-z dating do and don’ts”. I am a useless dating trainer. My references are limited to “the ugly truth” and “he’s just not that into you”, and of course “Hitch”. However,  if you only want a quick fun, you can always refer to barney’s “the Playbook”, the “for woman” chapter.

My only rule about dating is: “He’s not into you until it’s proven otherwise” and added there “no matter how convincing your female best friends tell you that he is”.

My non-trusting behaviour, of course has successfully driven away some potentials, but it’s always better to stay safe than sorry.

Silence isn’t the kiss of death. Friendzone is; nothing’s worse than your ex telling you that he’s indifferent.

Brainy conversation is always better. Cute conversation might be nice for the beginning, but you will get sick of it if you have that for the rest of the conversation. And, nobody wants to hear what’s inside your heart when you’re dating, they want to hear what’s inside your head.

BUT HEEEY… That’s just me.

Some brainless chick can always get good guys too. Most of the time it’s just about luck, isn’t it?



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