One of the most common quiz questions is: “If you can have a superpower, what do you want to have?”

I always said that I want to have Mind Reading and Manipulation. I still want that superpower now if I could.

But I have different reasons now.

When I was younger, the idea of having mind reading and manipulation is to get to know what is in someone’s head. And, the idea of messing around with things in people’s mind was fascinating. Imagine that you can control people’s behavior by manipulating their state of mind, and probably make them do what we want them to do.

Now, if I had that superpower, I just want to fix.

I don’t want to mess around with other people’s mind, I want to fix their damage. I want to change their mood. I want to make them feel slightly happier.

I am not a saint or a superhero, but I saw unhappy people. Not just people, but people that I care about. So if I ever had the chance to be able to manipulate anything inside their head, I would make them happy.

I would make you happy.

I would change your view about the world. I would take away your cynicism and bitterness. I would not be able to erase the bad memories, but I can manipulate how you perceive it. I might not be able to make you like me, but I can make life easier for you so you can like something. I might not be able to make you feel, but I will make you understand that it is okay to feel something inside.

That’s the superpower I would want to have.

And… Yes… I am still stuck at the same place >_<



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