Bybyq Got Her Ears Pierced



I don’t know how many times I got my ear pierced. The first time I got my ear pierced was when I was still in the primary school. My mother brought my sister and I to the jeweler and got our ears pierced. At that moment, her reason was girls are better with earrings. But it went bad because apparently my sister and I had keloid and we had the wrong treatment, so I had to remove my studs and live with keloid until 2005.

Keloid removal was done when I dropped out from Architecture School and moved to Communication Science. I spent the first week of the orientation explaining why I had my ears covered with bandage. Not a big deal, because soon after it was done, I got my ear pierced again. Now I treated it myself and until now, I never had any keloid.

But it’s me.

Few months after I got my ear pierced, I took off my studs and the hole was closed. I got them pierced again, this time 2 on each ear, when I was with Onyed. But then earrings became a little bit irritating, so I let the hole closed… again. Only few weeks before I came to Norwich I got them pierced… AGAIN.

Really… sometimes I wondered if it was me who enjoyed the pain of getting my ear pierced.

Just a week after I came here, my right ear got infected. I don’t know how and why, and I didn’t try to find out. I just went to the nurse at the Medical Centre and got my stud removed. Finally the hole was closed again, and well… I just want to wear earrings again, so today I went to Claire’s to get my ears pierced.

I thought the procedure would be as easy as it was in Indonesia. When I was in Jakarta, all I need to do was to come to the shop, ask for it, choose a pair of earrings that I would want to wear, and SNAP SNAP, got them, paid them. And it was very cheap too.

When asked for it on Claire’s, the shopkeeper who later was the ‘executioner’, asked me for a photo ID. Don’t worry, I am getting used to that kind of request >_<. But, out of curiosity, I asked to the shopkeeper how old I should be to get my ears pierced without parental consent. She said I had to be over 16, so I was… “oh…”

Of course she was a little bit uneasy when she saw my passport because I am waaaaay over 16 >_<. I don’t know I should laugh or cry.

Anyway… she also asked me if I had diabetes, or any kind of disease that would need a special attention. I was asked to fill in a consent form too.

The price of having a ear pierced here is almost 6 times more expensive than having one in Indonesia, but the process is so much different. I think it all comes with the price.

First, the shopkeeper cleaned up the preparation table with anti bacterial spray. And after cleaning her hands with antibacterial hand gel, she put a pair of disposable latex gloves on before all the rituals start. She never… never ever touched the stud before it touched my ear. And I got a bottle of an aftercare solution to take care of the piercing at home. And all of them came with a copy of the consent form, a brochure of how to take care of my new ear piercings and a voucher for a new pair of earrings should I want to change my studs after 6 weeks.

And that snapping sensation when you had your ear pierced in Indonesia… I was waiting for her to shoot and snap my ear but it was like a soft smooth poke in my ears. And that pain few hours after the piercings that I usually had when I got the ear pierced in Indonesia… Nope, not at all. I don’t understand how it can be so different >_< but then again, 6 times more expensive apparently means something -_-”


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  1. wow! less pain? lalu…. apa kabar sama pain lover? bukan nya banyak yg piercing karena love the pain (like uuuuuuu) mungkin karena itu ya, di sana, orang piercing sampe banyak di mana2, abis nya, ga sakit2 amat?


    • Ya itu kenapa banyak yang piercing di tempat lain selain kuping, mungkin nyari pain nya yg paling nylekit di mana… Gitu.


  2. Lucky me (I almost say ‘poor you’ hehe) … I had my ears pierced when I was a baby and though I almost never wear earrings, every time I want to I can always manage to squeeze the earrings … I am saving lots of money I guess … ;p


    • But then again, I just realised how much I enjoyed the pain… Great, now I’m saying that I might be a masochist _