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Dear Brother


Dear Brother

What’s up, Boy? Welcome to freedom.

This is the path where your three sisters have been through, now it’s your time to do repeat the glory. And, there’s some tips.

You’re motherfucking alone, Man. When I was there, I had those two nagging sisters who kept reminding me the right stuff, although they didn’t really talk much about shit. You know what I mean. But you would be there by yourself. Of course you have your friends and your girlfriends around, but that’s kind of different. I had the best weekends just the three of us, your two other sisters and I, and I doubt you would have that moments, poor lad.

But listen carefully, or if you need to, bookmark this page on your bloody laptop.

First of all, Lontong Sayur at Diponegoro is one of the best thing you can have for breakfast. Fatty, spicy and basically a good source of energy which hotness can slap you in your face and wake your sorry ass up before class. And make time to go to Om Eskrim, because that’s the experience of a lifetime you shouldn’t miss. DO NOT be picky with what flavour he’d be serving that day, try the weirdest one because you might not be able to find the same stuff the next day. Lipsaf is great, Om and Tante Lipsaf are the most friendly people in the word, talk to them if you have problem they might come up with some idea.

Budgeting is tricky. I know you are not used to that, but try not to use all your money at the beginning of the month and starve the next 2 weeks. That’s pathetic. And that’s not how your sisters did. So shut up and start managing your monthly allowance you bastard.

Alcohol always taste nice. NEVER drink and drive.

I was the one who brought your sister to the club, and got her drunk until she hit jackpot. I did that not because I wanted to kill her by destroying her liver, but because I cared about her and I wanted to show her how nasty that was. I am sorry I couldn’t do the same for you, but if you really want to get drunk and totally hammered, bring one of your sisters, the one closest to your area to keep an eye of you.

Although I am aware that you’re doing martial arts and you are a guy, so the possibility of getting kidnapped and raped are pretty remote, but I am experienced enough to know that when you’d already hit a certain point you wouldn’t even able to knock a toddler out. So, be patience, wait for us to escort you to the club and fill you up with whiskey and rye and knock you down with seven shots of tequila. And remember, going out with your sisters means free drinks. I hope that’s worth it.

Hm… I believe that’s not what mum would expect from me 😀 But hey, I should come up with the important stuffs first, shouldn’t I?

Peer pressure is a bitch. You can do many things and it wouldn’t be good enough to make a place, don’t push it. You don’t have to be one of those, because you can always do better. See how supportive I could be if I wanted to? But really, I mean it. You can’t always follow your fellow classmates’ lifestyle. Trust me that’s just a fad and would go in weeks.

Be classy. Because classic stuffs last a lifetime.

Yes yes I know mum would want me to talk to you about the academic shits but that wouldn’t be as interesting as you would want to hear from me, would it?

Study hard. Party harder. LOL mum will kill me!!


One thing.

Somewhere along the way things would be harder than usual. It could go very boring and you would start questioning yourself why the fuck you want to do all these stuffs. Don’t listen to that psychotic voices, they would make you lost. You’ll do that because you wanted that, and that’s your responsibility to finish what you’ve started. Unless you’re really really really incapable of finishing that, and at that moment, please don’t refer me as your sister.

I’m an Asian sister, Man!

Seriously, moderate gaming! It would seriously jeopardise your academic life. I know!! It’s fun! But seriously, moderate it brother.

Last word… finally.

You have four years of freedom. Enjoy your uni life. It’s not as rockin’ as high school, but meh… Explore. And have fun.

Good Luck!

P.S. You can always come to any of your sisters for expert advises, family discount isn’t available on weekends.


Lost In York: Aftermath


Waiting the train to come at York Railway Station gave me a chance to take a better look at this grand station. It’s not the same with Norwich which is smaller, and London which are more modern. It has arches, things that always interest me. Maybe two years studying architecture, and learning some of the history gave me this obsessive attraction towards the grand arches and buildings.

Train came and journey home began. It was never as exciting as the beginning of the trip. It even left a little bit of melancholy, the thought, the wonders, and hopes that one day I would be able to come back to this place of beauty. Of course I missed Norwich, but… You know. I’m a little bit romantic when it comes to places and memories.

One thing that I love about taking a train trip to the north is the amazing view which, if I was that sentimental, I would cry a little bit. The beauty was a torture to me. The sun went down and came the dusk before you. The best song to describe my feeling at that moment was either Karen’s Theme or any of David Lanz’s work.

Munib, my smoking buddies back home at Norwich told me that it was stormy there. So did Mr. Fix-It who decided that picking me up from the railway station was a good idea. Of course at that moment, I didn’t have energy to argue.

The moment you realised that the fun was over, all the enthusiasm was replaced with the incredible exhaustion. I started to feel the pain in my feet, I thought it was the open blister that stinging, and the stiff muscles after a crazy long walk I had for three days. I started to got sniffles, it might be the cold I got from the rain I had at my first day. Funny that you didn’t feel any of this when you’re doing all the fun stuff at York.

One thing I haven’t mentioned in all of my earlier posts was that I didn’t go to York by myself. I met Cal, a friend I made from playing Tribalwars few months ago. He’s a cool eighteen years old boy with some problems at home. This trip might mean to him as much as it meant to me. It was a good getaway.

It made me sad when he asked me if we can do another adventure, and I had to break the news that this might be the last time I can see him. You know, this country can kick me anytime, I am not safe yet.

So after few hours I was home. All tired. But heck, I had fun like a madman. It’s all worth it.

Lost In York: Day Three (part 2)


I can’t believe that it was so much that this city could offer you in one day so I had to break the last day in two bloody long posts. That’s absurd, don’t you think?

So, I continue my exploration. And there was the York Minster. I had no clue what the heck Minster was until I asked around and found out that Minster has similar meaning to Cathedral or basically a motherfucking huge church. York Minster is a… Minster. D o h. When will I stop writing such a useless information for my readers?

It’s not as glamorous as Westminster Abbey, but it’s a gigantic building with impossibly high ceilings, huge archaic columns which makes me want to tie myself on it, and beautiful (and not to mention enormous) stain glass windows. And we have to pay to see the whole building. Hell no.

My mum couldn’t even pay for me to go to church, why the fuck I want to pay to look inside a motherfucking church? So I took what I can get. That’s how a thrifty poor student do when she went for a trip with a bloody tight budget. Away from home, love.


What I love about walking blindly and getting lost in the city is, not only it’s free (damn budget!), but you can find the interesting unexpected things when you’re doing it. You’d find some things that you would never find in the “Visit (insert a city name here)” brochure for tourists. And sometimes, only sometimes the best things happened when you least expected (most of the time shit happens, not complaining here).

So being lost, I ended up walking in a circle, and came back to the gallery. So, trying to be adventurous, this little Byq thought, heey, why not take that small path to nowhere, the sign board said it’s going to lead us to… York University. How cool was that?

You wouldn’t believe what I saw in the end of that small path?

If I was a fantasy fiction writer I would use words like: “gate to the elf’s kingdom”. But I am not. So I will just say that it was a vast land of green that we usually call “huge garden” with various trees, and other plants (please don’t ask me what they are, I’m not studying Botany). There were a lot of people having picnic there, young and old, very young and very old… I know I’m not too creative, blame my vocabulary limitation. And guess what? There was THAT!

The entrance to the Yorkshire Museum.

Oh there you are…

Bloody hell.

The Yorkshire Museum is nice. We have to pay, but heck, I’m more than willing to pay to enter a museum. But, IF you are a York University student, or anyone studying in York, you can have free pass. Norwich, Y U NO do the same?!!

Why I said it was nice? It’s well maintained, it’s clean, it has a fair amount of collections that… Well… Interesting, and some interactive stuffs that appeals little visitors… and me. One of them was this “make your own superbug”, which was ironically attractive considering how much I hate bugs. It just the way they used “superbug” that reminded me of this blog.

I prefer Superbyq… for an obvious reason.

However, you can’t compare this museum to British Museum in London, and Leeds City Museum, which has better and bigger collections, and was free.

The wall was the last place I explore. Can’t say much about the wall, I may just post pictures as they worth thousands words (which makes me wonder if it would be fine if I just posted 15 pictures instead of writing 15000 words for my dissertation). And here’s what you’d see from the wall…


Time to go home now.

Lost In York: Day Three (part 1)


Okay. It was my last day at York. Still got a little bit disappointed because of the rain the night before. But let’s not make it spoil all the fun because we still have a bright blue sky, the wall to conquer, a gallery to enjoy and a museum to visit. Shall we?

The map was really helpful, it just didn’t say where the bloody entrance was. So my first destination was supposed to be the Yorkshire Museum. Failed. Because I couldn’t find the entrance. Instead I found the York City Art Gallery. It was fun being in a gallery, although being utterly honest, I don’t have any fucking idea what the shit I was looking at the display. I’m not that artistic. Especially when it comes to the contemporary arts.

Why the hell they put a bunch of colourful blobs on the canvas and named them with such poetic titles?

I like galleries because they’re quiet, and make you think you’re artistic and intelligent. And that’s what I feel when I was staring blankly at the blobs.

Enough with those. I went out, enjoying the beautiful city, while still in the quest of finding the museum entrance. But, well, being me, I gave up on that after 30 minutes. I decided to walk around, and guess what I found? Library 😀

We have city library here in Norwich. It’s just different. I knew that the Norwich library was once caught fire, so they rebuilt it with the Forum. It’s a modern building with metal and glass, which is pretty, but…

I love York’s library. It’s the old building, with books (of course. D o h). I am pretty sure I have mentioned quite a few times about how I like the vintage-ish stuffs? The library there was all about huge stoney column, arches and yellow-ish tiles, and even the smell of old books when you stepped inside were trying to tell you how ancient the knowledge they wanted to share. I felt like a true scholar when I touched the wooden bookshelves, even when I found out that all I could find at that section was the popular cook books.

I went around the city for awhile, mind you I gave up trying to find the Yorkshire Museum at that moment. And as I’ve told you the sky was clear and the sun was shining, so why not taking a walk and enjoy what the city offered. And guess what, it might be the best decision I’ve ever made in my life (of course I was exaggerating, you moron *rolleyes*).

I have obsessions, as you know it. The internet, Vintage stuffs, Noel Gallagher, Knowledge, Music, Good looking and talented people, my own blog, and drama. I can’t really remember if I have posted the picture of a faith-shaking-cute saxophone player that I sometimes fantasize about, that I saw when I was in Cambridge? Or the triple-guilty-pleasure playing music on my Thames River exploration? No? Then I haven’t tell you the Norwich hidden gem that hypnotised me with his “Calling”.

I’m a slut.

It felt like heaven when I was there. Not only one, I found THREE, yes three street musicians who made me flood my panties with happiness. If you see these pictures, girls you know what I meant.


The walk continued, of course I need to walk away from the site and dry my panties before I literally ask them to sign my bra. Anyway, I should stop being slutty, don’t you think?

Lost In York: Day Two


I had the whole day, but of course it would be nice to start early with, of course, a good breakfast. My favourite breakfast every time I was in a trip is The Full English Breakfast. A sausage, a sunny side eggs, one or two rashers of bacon, and you can add it yourself: baked beans, flat mushroom, roasted tomato, black puddings, hash browns, and toast. Give you a lot of energy for a day’s walk.

The cunning plan was to go to The York Castle Museum and Yorvik on the day, return to the hotel to rest for few hours before go back to the centre to have the Ghost Walk. Shall we proceed then?

The York Castle Museum was a massive museum with two wings for different exhibitions, and a special section. The North Building was showing the life of the Victorian Era. Of course, the vintage stuffs which have always been my favourite things in the world. The reconstruction of the Victorian style living room, dining room, and even kitchen. Oh well, they have the exhibition of the evolution of kitchen. You know that I always have obsession about kitchen, don’t you?

One of the most interesting part of the North Building was the Kirkgate Victorian Street. They built a set of buildings in a place so called the Kirkgate Victorian Street, which imitate the situation of the crowded streets with a lot of shops at that time. They have the sweet shops, stationary, post office, the funeral home, the watchmaker, even public school and police station.

Welcome to Kirkgate Victorian Street

The South Building was less thematic. It consists of the war sections were we can find the weapons and armories from the civil war, and the world wars. However the collections were not as impressive as one I saw in Royal Armories Leeds.   Compared to the North Buildings, it’s less interesting for me. But the South building has the special outdoor area. The theme was the 60’s.

It was a very bright colorful and interesting place. Like the Kirkgate Street, it was a reconstruction of a street, only this time it’s in smaller scale. They had a clothing store, a pub, and a houseware shop. They had a lot of information about the 60’s British musics like The Who and The Beatles. Even when you’re their songs were played back to back.

 The South building also connected to the riverside. It certainly has a very great view. But this is the end of the York Castle Museum visit, so I walked to Yorvik which was not so far from the site.

Yorvik was also called the Viking Centre. There was a digging site of the Viking relics in this area, which told everything about the Viking’s life when they were occupying this area. The entrance fee was quite expensive for a small site like this place, but I think it’s because they have this simulation ride, which was very cool. Too bad we weren’t allowed to take pictures while we were in the ride.

We would be seated in a moving cab, to see the simulation of the Viking’s life. They have a lot of figures of the Vikings which they recreated from the images they had from the remaining skulls. You know, something like what we saw in CSI movie when those scientist made the visualisation of the unknown victims just from the remaining skulls. Got that? Yes.

The ride took around 15-20 minutes, but that’s all about Yorvik. They sell the Viking coins, and also some Viking related souvenir, but not very special, too bad.

When we finished with Yorvik, the rain started to pour… again. That was really disappointing because you can’t go for a Ghost Walk in the rain. The Ghost Walk is basically an evening walk in the alleyway at York City Centre. They will dressed up like a ghost and gave us an encounter to York’s supernatural experiences. And because this is an outdoor activities, it’s unlikely it would be held in the rain. Shame 😦 It means I couldn’t get to see Ghost Walk on this trip because I would have to go home the next day.

A Question From A Reader: About Regret


Dear C,

I don’t know if you wanted me to disclose your name, or you wanted me to keep it discreet, but for the sake of privacy and to avoid being sued, I will keep it this way. This might be the first time I post an entry based on a mail I received from someone who read my blog. I really appreciate it and, I am very sorry for the very very late reply. I don’t know somehow I didn’t get the notification 😦 I tried to reply to your mail, but I wasn’t sure whether the email address you’ve given me was a valid email address or not, but just in case you never received my reply, this was the answer of your question.

So, you asked me about my decision of dropping out Architecture School about seven years ago, and whether I regret my decision or not. You also wanted to know if it was the best decision for me. I will try to share my experience, but I think you shouldn’t take it as a ‘law’ or a ‘guidance’ of what you have to do. This should come back to you. Alright?

I never wanted to study Architecture, that’s the first thing you needed to know. The reason why I went for it was because my parents wanted me to do it. This taught me not to do something because someone else want you to do it, it should come from yourself. So, when I dropped out from Architecture School it was one of the best thing happened in my life.

I didn’t suck at it. I was quite good to be honest. I decided to quit not because it was difficult, and I want you to keep in mind that you shouldn’t give up just because it’s harder than you have had in mind. Okay? I stopped doing things that I knew wouldn’t get me anywhere because it wasn’t my dream. I knew since the beginning that I wouldn’t want to be an architecture anyway even if I graduated from Architecture School, so what’s the point of continuing being there.

No, I never regret my decision. I don’t know if it was the best decision, but I am happy with what I am doing now. I am studying the subject that I like, although it might not make me rich, like what some people has predicted before 😀 But damn, quitting Architecture School was so liberating at that moment.

However, when I dropped out, I have got something in my mind. I have decided what I was going to do with my life. Well, not instantly, but I knew which field I wanted to study. I hope before you decide to drop your education, you have got some idea what you’re going to do next.

I know it is hard to learn something that isn’t your passion, but I don’t think it is wise to quit just because it is difficult. I think you need to revisit your goal, and start questioning yourself why you went to Architecture School. You might want to rearrange your priority list or revise your life goal, and that’s fine too, but I think it is better for you to know what you’re going to do next before you let this archi-thingy go.

Hope that helps, and thank you for your mail 🙂

Good luck dear 🙂


Lost Laptop


Okay, of course I owed my readers the continuation of the story of my York trip, but I think this is more urgent than that, and this has been bugging me for awhile. So I had to put this post in between my York Trip Series, to tell you that my friend lost her laptop. I will tell you the story from the beginning, so shall we proceed, readers?

Two or three days ago, my friend Brooks lost her laptop on our library. She posted on her facebook status, described how it looks and asked if anybody saw the mentioned laptop, and gave her contact number for the obvious purpose. Basically she was asking for help. I was surprised of how calm she was, because I would went all crazy if it happened to me. More because I know that her projects for her dissertation was all in this laptop. Ouch.

Of course, there were always douchebags who gave snappy unhelpful comments. If it could annoy me, I can’t imagine how annoying it has been for Brooks. I would copy his comment word by word:

“‘If anyone had saw a similar…’ well tom cruise..mission impossible…”


I know what he meant. And I agreed that it was kind of impossible for her to get her laptop back. I’ve been in her situation before when I lost my blackberry phone in the WC cubicle. I never got my blackberry phone back, and I understood completely that once a valuable lost unless you’re so lucky you wouldn’t get it returned to you. I can’t deny that we were reckless and careless, and losing this precious gadget was the risk of being so, but giving snappy comment like that was very inconsiderate. Put it this way: if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all, asshole!

I think this is the problem with the eastern culture which I don’t really appreciate. You can’t just leave things without making comments. You have to say something about any given situation and sometimes it’s just tactless. Well, IF he had to leave a comment, and IF he wanted to tell Brooks that it is unlikely that she would get her laptop back, he could say it nicely like, “Brooks, I don’t want to make you feel worse, but I think you have to let go your laptop :(” or “I am sorry to hear that, and I really want to help you to find your laptop back, but I think you have to think of the possibility of losing it for good.”

God. Is that so hard to show some sympathy? Is that so hard not to make people feel worse about their misfortune?

These people… who made fun of other’s adversity, are just the people that I would kick in the nuts if I met them in person. It wasn’t funny. Remember how angry I was when my mother made a joke about my distressful situation? Yes, that’s exactly the same.

I can take humour. I understand jokes. I do racial jokes, inappropriate sexist joke, self deprecation joke, satires, and crude sex joke. I like people with sense of humour, and those who can laugh at themselves at any given situation. But really, I am not amused with people who take other’s misfortune as a joke.

Lost In York: Day One


Okay I should be honest I was a little bit lost. The rain didn’t help.

I couldn’t check in at the hotel because the receptionist would open after 3pm. The thought of having to drag my huge purple wheeled bag in the rain certainly destroyed my spirit. But the show must go on, and the blog should be written, and for the sake of my reader, I decided to stay strong. I decided that my first destination is the National Railway Museum, York.

I like train, I like using it. But I think people in England has a different fascination about trains. They have a really cute train models and the miniature of them, and give them cool name. I guess, it’s because train is still one of the most important public transport here in UK. People are still using it a lot in their daily life. In this museum, it is pretty clear how the trains developed from time to time. It used to be equipped with luxurious carriage. This is one of them:

The Vintage Train Carriage

The main hall was full of trains. Of course. They have trains for many colours. I don’t really know the name, but when I talked to my friends who live in England, apparently they are familiar with trains name and model. I can only remember three of them: The Rocket, The Mallard, and The Flying Scotsman. They even have the Japanese bullet train displayed in the main hall, where we can go inside and see the vintage-ish interior, and old video about the train.

The Rocket. I like its vintage-ish style, of course I think it’s quite an old train engine model.

However, to be honest, not being a fan of big machines, I enjoyed what I see inside the next room. One Flying Scotsman was there, specially displayed, and some info about it which I don’t really remember, because that’s not what fascinate me. But after a few step, there was that….

The pile of vintage ‘junks’. From the old rugged sign board, the antique ticket box, sets of tea cups and saucers which I guessed came from the old time when they still served the wealthy people only, and, of course, if you’re a fangirl/fanboy, you’re going to like this one:

Going to Hogwarts,anyone?

The next room is the reparation room… or maintenance room. I think it was the reparation. Well, we couldn’t really BE in that room, but we can see what’s the mechanics do with the trains. They will restore (aha! It must be the RESTORATION ROOM!! Clever me) the antique train so it would be able to work again. Trust me, Harry Potter fans, you don’t want to miss this. The train engine for the train to Hogwarts were in that room 😀

Walking around carrying bag isn’t fun. Especially if you have a lot in it. I was in a girly mode, so you might have some idea what’s inside my bag. I decided to stop being stupid and started to look for a place where I can deposit my bag so I could go for a walk outside without having to carry my luggage everywhere. Yes, you can use the service at York rail station, and it would cost you five pounds per bag (trust me, a broken spine will cost you more than that).

Taking a little walk before it was too cold and too wet to continue, and before I finally checked in on the hotel, I found out that this is a really beautiful city. It has a lot of grand archaic construction. I thought I might like this city.


Lost In York: The Byq Journey Begin


So last week I decided to go for a 3 days trip to York. I think I haven’t gone for a trip for a long time and it was just the right time to have some good getaway. So as usual, I booked a room at a hotel which was the cheapest and the closest to places that I wanted to go to, and a train ticket. It was quite a journey from Norwich to York.

The train from Norwich left at 6.50. Being a stubborn Byq, instead of calling for taxi, I decided to leave earlier from my flat and WALK to the train station. As if waking up in the morning is not tiring enough. But what can I say, I was a very excited and I knew I would have a great adventure in York. So there I was, dragging my big purple wheeled luggage, walking for almost an hour to the train station early… VERY early in the morning.

I always like the train.

A lot of local people use the train to commute. Many of them live in villages, and work in the bigger town, and train was the easiest and fastest public transport they can get. Unless they have their own car, but the petrol price isn’t cheap anyway, and the insurance and stuff… Oh I just love the public transport.

The train was quiet, of course because it was early. From Norwich, every time I went somewhere up north, I would need to change train on Peterborough. It was a quite big station. The first time I was there, on my way to Aberdeen it was still on renovation, I guess it looks better now, or I stopped on different platform, I don’t know. Anyway, the train was on time, as usual.

Well, this is what’s different from public transport here. Why I like it here and why I think the public transport here is so much better than in Indonesia. When I said the train was on time, it was actually 4 minutes late. In Indonesia up to 15 minutes is not yet considered late. I think it is different because 15 minutes can make a lot of difference for people who has to change train on the next station. Or it’s just the culture -_-”

I arrived at York at around 9.40 (due to the 4 minutes late)

And it was raining.

You don’t know how disappointed I was looking at the rain. I brought my umbrella, of course, I was so prepared, but knowing that I had to use my umbrella wasn’t a fun feeling at all. Wasn’t a happy bunny, but I wouldn’t let rain ruin my big trip. Haha!

Bybyq’s Got A Hate Message


Well, to be completely honest, this is not the first time I’ve got hate message. I’ve got hate text, hate mail, hate comment, hate IM, and just yesterday I got my first hate twitter mention. How fun.

I know I have said that I would talk less about my personal life because it’s not interesting, but what can I say? I am a drama magnet and apparently these drama actually inspired me to write about something. So shall we start from the beginning?

I think it was a month ago, Si Onyed decided to deleted me from her contact list. I didn’t know the reason and I didn’t care because I kind of had this premonition that she never did something out of the blue unless it is ‘romance’ related. So I assumed it was her gf who wanted her to do that. Close enough.

Apparently her gf, let’s call her crazy-bitch witchy-bitch bitchy-witch childish-female-subhuman Miss Pathetic to make the storytelling much easier, told a ‘story’ (if you don’t want to call it as a ‘lie’) that I was the one who tried to meddle in their relationship. Which is weird. I am the last person in the world who cares about their relationship, you know why? Because I know Si Onyed very well, and I know what she’s capable of doing and what she would do to get what she wants, and how much drama would come afterwards… and this girl had no idea.

What disappoint me was how Si Onyed believed this girl. She knew me. She knew me like the back of her hands that I hate drama and involving myself in her drama is the last thing I wanted to do. But she believed her. Crap! But around few weeks ago she contacted me and told me why she deleted me and we remained civil. However no sign about her existence anymore, which was understandable 😀 Like I said, I know her.

This is the thing about si Onyed. She knew where to ‘push the button’. If she had an argument with her current gf, she would deliberately do something that pisses her off – like contacting her ex, which her current gf hates. And when she contacted me for one day and went away the next day, I knew it’s one of those days. So was yesterday when she suddenly went all soppy and told me that she missed me (which I guess half true because we haven’t seen each other for more than a year).

However her last twitter mention was followed with other mention from her account, which allegedly used by her gf telling me not to ‘feel happy’ for the previous mention because si Onyed only did that because they were fighting. Oh Miss Pathetic, you had no idea that I already knew that sort of stuff. Trust me. I’ve been with si Onyed for 5 years, and I knew more than you thought. And you know what? posting those kind of twit on twitter won’t help. And you know why?

I spent my first 2 years doing almost the same thing, and it’s useless. There’s no use of feeding her ego with your public self-humiliation, announcing how much she can make you do moronic stuff. I spent the last 3 years turning her into submissive mode by repressing her ego, making her understand that I wouldn’t react the way she wanted me to react. But of course, it needs more than experience and intelligence to understand how to use this reverse psychology or/ and passive-aggressive approach to her. Which worked.

And this is one thing I learned from experience, and from human nature observation.

“Never react to hate message the way they want you to react”

Watching “Criminal Minds” helped you to understand that reacting with emotion only gave satisfaction to these people. They will repeat the same thing if they know they can get what they want. And please correct me if I am wrong, and if there’s any Psychologist / anyone studying Psychology, tell me if I am wrong… but it’s the basic instinct that if you got rewarded by doing something, you would most likely repeat the same action again in the future to get the same reward. And if the reward is no longer satisfying, their action will escalate to the higher or more intense behaviour.

I am not saying that Si Onyed and Miss Pathetic are psycho bitches, but their crave for attentions have reached a worrying point. What do you say?