Mid-Year Life Assessment


So at the beginning of this year I made a list of 2012 New Year Resolutions. I know it is still July, but it would be nice to know how much you have gone so far, and what have you achieved for the last 6 months.

1. Weight Gain Control
a. doing more physical activity. I think I am doing well at this. LOL. I am not going to elaborate what kind of physical activity I have done, but surely I walked a lot lately and because this is summer I surely sweat a lot too. So this one is okay, although I believe there are more room for improvement.
b. control what I eat. this is no so easy especially the stress I had for weeks gave me crazy moody eating habit. I can eat a lot in a day, and have cravings and not eating anything for the next few days, which actually dangerous because I have stomach ulcer.
c. Sleep better… Uhm… nope

2. Finish study… well, too soon to speak.

3. Maintaining this blog. I haven’t renovate the look. But I have a very legitimate reason for this one… There was a technical problem which disallowed me to access my blog for almost two months. However, I reorganised the blog alright, and moved the hosting with the help from my friends 😀

4. More cultured *cough*
a. Books: none yet… but I still have 6 months left, and I started reading “Lolita” by Nabokov.
b. Museums: haha… I think I did better with this. I visited: Natural History Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, Leeds City Museum, Thackray Museum, Royal Armories Leeds, and British Museum. I already reached my target 😀
c. Movies: I did great too, I believe. I watched Sherlock Holmes and MIB III on the cinema, and I recently watched “Lolita”, “The Usual Suspect”, “Shawshank Redemption” and, “Se7en”. I think I reached my target here too 😀
d. Newspaper… well… I have to admit I am not too good in it. I subscribe several newspaper on my facebook account and tried to read them, but sometimes the headlines weren’t interesting enough for me to read so I skipped. Sorry >_<

5. Relations with old friends… I think it went quite well. I found it hard to keep friends with the new one though. Sorry, but I think I am better keeping male friends than female friends, not because I am interested in them but because I found it easier for me to talk about stuffs. Have I told you I don’t usually talk girly stuffs with my female friends? And romance… Well, i know it was in the bottom of the list but apparently things went really bad and the irony is the bad bad bad break up was the wake up call that made me back to the track.

6.  I flunked with patience. I haven’t deleted anybody from my bb contacts yet, but I almost did it several times. Basically I still have to work on this patience stuffs. Dammit.

7. I couldn’t do much about my 100 things before I die list for now. Maybe I can try the cookings, and find few more things to put on the list, but… naaah…

Apart from the achievement I have made, I also decided to do few more things like: more travelings, more music concert (I mean, Noel Gallagher’s concert), and I was thinking I might be able to stop smoking before the end of this year. I know it was kind of ambitious target but, I am thinking about it, alright 😀

So, six more months…


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