Sunday Morning Call


“and in your head do you feel what you’re not supposed to feel” (Sunday Morning Call – Oasis)

This morning I woke up late for my bus. One hour late. Basically I am saying I wasn’t be able to catch up the bus and meet a friend I’ve been waiting to meet since weeks ago. Shame. And I feel bad about myself, but somehow… I don’t feel like I need to punish myself with something. We’ll not now.

I feel light today.

Well… Tired too, but I have a bloody good reason for that. I had a blast yesterday.

So at Friday I was totally upset and practically useless, so I told Mr. Fix-It, hoping that there is a possibility that he could shake the situation. He picked me up later that night, or I should say, in the middle of the night, so we drove to his place where I did nothing but sulked and slept; after I told him I wanted to go to City Centre on Saturday because I was going to have a shopping day.

He took me for shopping. He was a really good companion. He ruined the shopping impulsiveness and made me put several things back to the display shelves which was a considerate action to my student budget, and walked with me to two boots stores and one superdrug. No complain.

He brought me to this tobacco shop, and found me *Djarum*motherfuckn*Black*! He found me kretek*fuckn*cigarettes! It was 8 times more expensive than you buy in Indonesia, but you know what, I will give up new clothes and weekly groceries for those cigarettes. (That’s the addict side of Byq you’ve seen, Ladies and Gentlemen).

To added to our Saturday fun, there was a parade on the street. I wasn’t sure what it was about. Mr. Fix-It said it was about some procession or something, but I’m not sure what kind of procession that was. I took some picture with my phone but the quality was awful, so better not show it off :p. We were a part of the crowd, while smoking like a king. So happy I could die.

We went home to mine. This is the first time I let him come to my room. I know. Even until now I am still a little bit reluctant about that, however it happened already, so… Yeah. Anyway, he let me play salon 😀

He let me manicure his fingers, filed it, buffed it, and finally varnished it. He was quite surprised when he saw how PRETTY the fingers of a guy who does a lot of physical activities could be. So, basically I was saying there’s no excuse to let your fingers dirty, chipped and ugly. Simple home manicure can fix it. He let me put on clay mask on his face and pore stip on his nose and chin. Haha! I think he enjoyed that too :p

In the end of the day I was so tired and happy. And that was why I woke up late to catch the bus. But I was happy and somehow missing the bus didn’t make me too disappointed. I would have an appointment with my dissertation supervisor tomorrow, and I think it is kind of sign that I shouldn’t get myself too tired so I can present better.

And there’s my sunday morning call.


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