Bybyq’s Got A Hate Message


Well, to be completely honest, this is not the first time I’ve got hate message. I’ve got hate text, hate mail, hate comment, hate IM, and just yesterday I got my first hate twitter mention. How fun.

I know I have said that I would talk less about my personal life because it’s not interesting, but what can I say? I am a drama magnet and apparently these drama actually inspired me to write about something. So shall we start from the beginning?

I think it was a month ago, Si Onyed decided to deleted me from her contact list. I didn’t know the reason and I didn’t care because I kind of had this premonition that she never did something out of the blue unless it is ‘romance’ related. So I assumed it was her gf who wanted her to do that. Close enough.

Apparently her gf, let’s call her crazy-bitch witchy-bitch bitchy-witch childish-female-subhuman Miss Pathetic to make the storytelling much easier, told a ‘story’ (if you don’t want to call it as a ‘lie’) that I was the one who tried to meddle in their relationship. Which is weird. I am the last person in the world who cares about their relationship, you know why? Because I know Si Onyed very well, and I know what she’s capable of doing and what she would do to get what she wants, and how much drama would come afterwards… and this girl had no idea.

What disappoint me was how Si Onyed believed this girl. She knew me. She knew me like the back of her hands that I hate drama and involving myself in her drama is the last thing I wanted to do. But she believed her. Crap! But around few weeks ago she contacted me and told me why she deleted me and we remained civil. However no sign about her existence anymore, which was understandable 😀 Like I said, I know her.

This is the thing about si Onyed. She knew where to ‘push the button’. If she had an argument with her current gf, she would deliberately do something that pisses her off – like contacting her ex, which her current gf hates. And when she contacted me for one day and went away the next day, I knew it’s one of those days. So was yesterday when she suddenly went all soppy and told me that she missed me (which I guess half true because we haven’t seen each other for more than a year).

However her last twitter mention was followed with other mention from her account, which allegedly used by her gf telling me not to ‘feel happy’ for the previous mention because si Onyed only did that because they were fighting. Oh Miss Pathetic, you had no idea that I already knew that sort of stuff. Trust me. I’ve been with si Onyed for 5 years, and I knew more than you thought. And you know what? posting those kind of twit on twitter won’t help. And you know why?

I spent my first 2 years doing almost the same thing, and it’s useless. There’s no use of feeding her ego with your public self-humiliation, announcing how much she can make you do moronic stuff. I spent the last 3 years turning her into submissive mode by repressing her ego, making her understand that I wouldn’t react the way she wanted me to react. But of course, it needs more than experience and intelligence to understand how to use this reverse psychology or/ and passive-aggressive approach to her. Which worked.

And this is one thing I learned from experience, and from human nature observation.

“Never react to hate message the way they want you to react”

Watching “Criminal Minds” helped you to understand that reacting with emotion only gave satisfaction to these people. They will repeat the same thing if they know they can get what they want. And please correct me if I am wrong, and if there’s any Psychologist / anyone studying Psychology, tell me if I am wrong… but it’s the basic instinct that if you got rewarded by doing something, you would most likely repeat the same action again in the future to get the same reward. And if the reward is no longer satisfying, their action will escalate to the higher or more intense behaviour.

I am not saying that Si Onyed and Miss Pathetic are psycho bitches, but their crave for attentions have reached a worrying point. What do you say?


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