Lost In York: The Byq Journey Begin


So last week I decided to go for a 3 days trip to York. I think I haven’t gone for a trip for a long time and it was just the right time to have some good getaway. So as usual, I booked a room at a hotel which was the cheapest and the closest to places that I wanted to go to, and a train ticket. It was quite a journey from Norwich to York.

The train from Norwich left at 6.50. Being a stubborn Byq, instead of calling for taxi, I decided to leave earlier from my flat and WALK to the train station. As if waking up in the morning is not tiring enough. But what can I say, I was a very excited and I knew I would have a great adventure in York. So there I was, dragging my big purple wheeled luggage, walking for almost an hour to the train station early… VERY early in the morning.

I always like the train.

A lot of local people use the train to commute. Many of them live in villages, and work in the bigger town, and train was the easiest and fastest public transport they can get. Unless they have their own car, but the petrol price isn’t cheap anyway, and the insurance and stuff… Oh I just love the public transport.

The train was quiet, of course because it was early. From Norwich, every time I went somewhere up north, I would need to change train on Peterborough. It was a quite big station. The first time I was there, on my way to Aberdeen it was still on renovation, I guess it looks better now, or I stopped on different platform, I don’t know. Anyway, the train was on time, as usual.

Well, this is what’s different from public transport here. Why I like it here and why I think the public transport here is so much better than in Indonesia. When I said the train was on time, it was actually 4 minutes late. In Indonesia up to 15 minutes is not yet considered late. I think it is different because 15 minutes can make a lot of difference for people who has to change train on the next station. Or it’s just the culture -_-”

I arrived at York at around 9.40 (due to the 4 minutes late)

And it was raining.

You don’t know how disappointed I was looking at the rain. I brought my umbrella, of course, I was so prepared, but knowing that I had to use my umbrella wasn’t a fun feeling at all. Wasn’t a happy bunny, but I wouldn’t let rain ruin my big trip. Haha!


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