Lost In York: Day One


Okay I should be honest I was a little bit lost. The rain didn’t help.

I couldn’t check in at the hotel because the receptionist would open after 3pm. The thought of having to drag my huge purple wheeled bag in the rain certainly destroyed my spirit. But the show must go on, and the blog should be written, and for the sake of my reader, I decided to stay strong. I decided that my first destination is the National Railway Museum, York.

I like train, I like using it. But I think people in England has a different fascination about trains. They have a really cute train models and the miniature of them, and give them cool name. I guess, it’s because train is still one of the most important public transport here in UK. People are still using it a lot in their daily life. In this museum, it is pretty clear how the trains developed from time to time. It used to be equipped with luxurious carriage. This is one of them:

The Vintage Train Carriage

The main hall was full of trains. Of course. They have trains for many colours. I don’t really know the name, but when I talked to my friends who live in England, apparently they are familiar with trains name and model. I can only remember three of them: The Rocket, The Mallard, and The Flying Scotsman. They even have the Japanese bullet train displayed in the main hall, where we can go inside and see the vintage-ish interior, and old video about the train.

The Rocket. I like its vintage-ish style, of course I think it’s quite an old train engine model.

However, to be honest, not being a fan of big machines, I enjoyed what I see inside the next room. One Flying Scotsman was there, specially displayed, and some info about it which I don’t really remember, because that’s not what fascinate me. But after a few step, there was that….

The pile of vintage ‘junks’. From the old rugged sign board, the antique ticket box, sets of tea cups and saucers which I guessed came from the old time when they still served the wealthy people only, and, of course, if you’re a fangirl/fanboy, you’re going to like this one:

Going to Hogwarts,anyone?

The next room is the reparation room… or maintenance room. I think it was the reparation. Well, we couldn’t really BE in that room, but we can see what’s the mechanics do with the trains. They will restore (aha! It must be the RESTORATION ROOM!! Clever me) the antique train so it would be able to work again. Trust me, Harry Potter fans, you don’t want to miss this. The train engine for the train to Hogwarts were in that room 😀

Walking around carrying bag isn’t fun. Especially if you have a lot in it. I was in a girly mode, so you might have some idea what’s inside my bag. I decided to stop being stupid and started to look for a place where I can deposit my bag so I could go for a walk outside without having to carry my luggage everywhere. Yes, you can use the service at York rail station, and it would cost you five pounds per bag (trust me, a broken spine will cost you more than that).

Taking a little walk before it was too cold and too wet to continue, and before I finally checked in on the hotel, I found out that this is a really beautiful city. It has a lot of grand archaic construction. I thought I might like this city.



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