Lost Laptop


Okay, of course I owed my readers the continuation of the story of my York trip, but I think this is more urgent than that, and this has been bugging me for awhile. So I had to put this post in between my York Trip Series, to tell you that my friend lost her laptop. I will tell you the story from the beginning, so shall we proceed, readers?

Two or three days ago, my friend Brooks lost her laptop on our library. She posted on her facebook status, described how it looks and asked if anybody saw the mentioned laptop, and gave her contact number for the obvious purpose. Basically she was asking for help. I was surprised of how calm she was, because I would went all crazy if it happened to me. More because I know that her projects for her dissertation was all in this laptop. Ouch.

Of course, there were always douchebags who gave snappy unhelpful comments. If it could annoy me, I can’t imagine how annoying it has been for Brooks. I would copy his comment word by word:

“‘If anyone had saw a similar…’ well tom cruise..mission impossible…”


I know what he meant. And I agreed that it was kind of impossible for her to get her laptop back. I’ve been in her situation before when I lost my blackberry phone in the WC cubicle. I never got my blackberry phone back, and I understood completely that once a valuable lost unless you’re so lucky you wouldn’t get it returned to you. I can’t deny that we were reckless and careless, and losing this precious gadget was the risk of being so, but giving snappy comment like that was very inconsiderate. Put it this way: if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all, asshole!

I think this is the problem with the eastern culture which I don’t really appreciate. You can’t just leave things without making comments. You have to say something about any given situation and sometimes it’s just tactless. Well, IF he had to leave a comment, and IF he wanted to tell Brooks that it is unlikely that she would get her laptop back, he could say it nicely like, “Brooks, I don’t want to make you feel worse, but I think you have to let go your laptop :(” or “I am sorry to hear that, and I really want to help you to find your laptop back, but I think you have to think of the possibility of losing it for good.”

God. Is that so hard to show some sympathy? Is that so hard not to make people feel worse about their misfortune?

These people… who made fun of other’s adversity, are just the people that I would kick in the nuts if I met them in person. It wasn’t funny. Remember how angry I was when my mother made a joke about my distressful situation? Yes, that’s exactly the same.

I can take humour. I understand jokes. I do racial jokes, inappropriate sexist joke, self deprecation joke, satires, and crude sex joke. I like people with sense of humour, and those who can laugh at themselves at any given situation. But really, I am not amused with people who take other’s misfortune as a joke.


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