Lost In York: Day Two


I had the whole day, but of course it would be nice to start early with, of course, a good breakfast. My favourite breakfast every time I was in a trip is The Full English Breakfast. A sausage, a sunny side eggs, one or two rashers of bacon, and you can add it yourself: baked beans, flat mushroom, roasted tomato, black puddings, hash browns, and toast. Give you a lot of energy for a day’s walk.

The cunning plan was to go to The York Castle Museum and Yorvik on the day, return to the hotel to rest for few hours before go back to the centre to have the Ghost Walk. Shall we proceed then?

The York Castle Museum was a massive museum with two wings for different exhibitions, and a special section. The North Building was showing the life of the Victorian Era. Of course, the vintage stuffs which have always been my favourite things in the world. The reconstruction of the Victorian style living room, dining room, and even kitchen. Oh well, they have the exhibition of the evolution of kitchen. You know that I always have obsession about kitchen, don’t you?

One of the most interesting part of the North Building was the Kirkgate Victorian Street. They built a set of buildings in a place so called the Kirkgate Victorian Street, which imitate the situation of the crowded streets with a lot of shops at that time. They have the sweet shops, stationary, post office, the funeral home, the watchmaker, even public school and police station.

Welcome to Kirkgate Victorian Street

The South Building was less thematic. It consists of the war sections were we can find the weapons and armories from the civil war, and the world wars. However the collections were not as impressive as one I saw in Royal Armories Leeds.   Compared to the North Buildings, it’s less interesting for me. But the South building has the special outdoor area. The theme was the 60’s.

It was a very bright colorful and interesting place. Like the Kirkgate Street, it was a reconstruction of a street, only this time it’s in smaller scale. They had a clothing store, a pub, and a houseware shop. They had a lot of information about the 60’s British musics like The Who and The Beatles. Even when you’re their songs were played back to back.

 The South building also connected to the riverside. It certainly has a very great view. But this is the end of the York Castle Museum visit, so I walked to Yorvik which was not so far from the site.

Yorvik was also called the Viking Centre. There was a digging site of the Viking relics in this area, which told everything about the Viking’s life when they were occupying this area. The entrance fee was quite expensive for a small site like this place, but I think it’s because they have this simulation ride, which was very cool. Too bad we weren’t allowed to take pictures while we were in the ride.

We would be seated in a moving cab, to see the simulation of the Viking’s life. They have a lot of figures of the Vikings which they recreated from the images they had from the remaining skulls. You know, something like what we saw in CSI movie when those scientist made the visualisation of the unknown victims just from the remaining skulls. Got that? Yes.

The ride took around 15-20 minutes, but that’s all about Yorvik. They sell the Viking coins, and also some Viking related souvenir, but not very special, too bad.

When we finished with Yorvik, the rain started to pour… again. That was really disappointing because you can’t go for a Ghost Walk in the rain. The Ghost Walk is basically an evening walk in the alleyway at York City Centre. They will dressed up like a ghost and gave us an encounter to York’s supernatural experiences. And because this is an outdoor activities, it’s unlikely it would be held in the rain. Shame 😦 It means I couldn’t get to see Ghost Walk on this trip because I would have to go home the next day.


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