Lost In York: Day Three (part 1)


Okay. It was my last day at York. Still got a little bit disappointed because of the rain the night before. But let’s not make it spoil all the fun because we still have a bright blue sky, the wall to conquer, a gallery to enjoy and a museum to visit. Shall we?

The map was really helpful, it just didn’t say where the bloody entrance was. So my first destination was supposed to be the Yorkshire Museum. Failed. Because I couldn’t find the entrance. Instead I found the York City Art Gallery. It was fun being in a gallery, although being utterly honest, I don’t have any fucking idea what the shit I was looking at the display. I’m not that artistic. Especially when it comes to the contemporary arts.

Why the hell they put a bunch of colourful blobs on the canvas and named them with such poetic titles?

I like galleries because they’re quiet, and make you think you’re artistic and intelligent. And that’s what I feel when I was staring blankly at the blobs.

Enough with those. I went out, enjoying the beautiful city, while still in the quest of finding the museum entrance. But, well, being me, I gave up on that after 30 minutes. I decided to walk around, and guess what I found? Library 😀

We have city library here in Norwich. It’s just different. I knew that the Norwich library was once caught fire, so they rebuilt it with the Forum. It’s a modern building with metal and glass, which is pretty, but…

I love York’s library. It’s the old building, with books (of course. D o h). I am pretty sure I have mentioned quite a few times about how I like the vintage-ish stuffs? The library there was all about huge stoney column, arches and yellow-ish tiles, and even the smell of old books when you stepped inside were trying to tell you how ancient the knowledge they wanted to share. I felt like a true scholar when I touched the wooden bookshelves, even when I found out that all I could find at that section was the popular cook books.

I went around the city for awhile, mind you I gave up trying to find the Yorkshire Museum at that moment. And as I’ve told you the sky was clear and the sun was shining, so why not taking a walk and enjoy what the city offered. And guess what, it might be the best decision I’ve ever made in my life (of course I was exaggerating, you moron *rolleyes*).

I have obsessions, as you know it. The internet, Vintage stuffs, Noel Gallagher, Knowledge, Music, Good looking and talented people, my own blog, and drama. I can’t really remember if I have posted the picture of a faith-shaking-cute saxophone player that I sometimes fantasize about, that I saw when I was in Cambridge? Or the triple-guilty-pleasure playing music on my Thames River exploration? No? Then I haven’t tell you the Norwich hidden gem that hypnotised me with his “Calling”.

I’m a slut.

It felt like heaven when I was there. Not only one, I found THREE, yes three street musicians who made me flood my panties with happiness. If you see these pictures, girls you know what I meant.


The walk continued, of course I need to walk away from the site and dry my panties before I literally ask them to sign my bra. Anyway, I should stop being slutty, don’t you think?


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