Lost In York: Day Three (part 2)


I can’t believe that it was so much that this city could offer you in one day so I had to break the last day in two bloody long posts. That’s absurd, don’t you think?

So, I continue my exploration. And there was the York Minster. I had no clue what the heck Minster was until I asked around and found out that Minster has similar meaning to Cathedral or basically a motherfucking huge church. York Minster is a… Minster. D o h. When will I stop writing such a useless information for my readers?

It’s not as glamorous as Westminster Abbey, but it’s a gigantic building with impossibly high ceilings, huge archaic columns which makes me want to tie myself on it, and beautiful (and not to mention enormous) stain glass windows. And we have to pay to see the whole building. Hell no.

My mum couldn’t even pay for me to go to church, why the fuck I want to pay to look inside a motherfucking church? So I took what I can get. That’s how a thrifty poor student do when she went for a trip with a bloody tight budget. Away from home, love.


What I love about walking blindly and getting lost in the city is, not only it’s free (damn budget!), but you can find the interesting unexpected things when you’re doing it. You’d find some things that you would never find in the “Visit (insert a city name here)” brochure for tourists. And sometimes, only sometimes the best things happened when you least expected (most of the time shit happens, not complaining here).

So being lost, I ended up walking in a circle, and came back to the gallery. So, trying to be adventurous, this little Byq thought, heey, why not take that small path to nowhere, the sign board said it’s going to lead us to… York University. How cool was that?

You wouldn’t believe what I saw in the end of that small path?

If I was a fantasy fiction writer I would use words like: “gate to the elf’s kingdom”. But I am not. So I will just say that it was a vast land of green that we usually call “huge garden” with various trees, and other plants (please don’t ask me what they are, I’m not studying Botany). There were a lot of people having picnic there, young and old, very young and very old… I know I’m not too creative, blame my vocabulary limitation. And guess what? There was THAT!

The entrance to the Yorkshire Museum.

Oh there you are…

Bloody hell.

The Yorkshire Museum is nice. We have to pay, but heck, I’m more than willing to pay to enter a museum. But, IF you are a York University student, or anyone studying in York, you can have free pass. Norwich, Y U NO do the same?!!

Why I said it was nice? It’s well maintained, it’s clean, it has a fair amount of collections that… Well… Interesting, and some interactive stuffs that appeals little visitors… and me. One of them was this “make your own superbug”, which was ironically attractive considering how much I hate bugs. It just the way they used “superbug” that reminded me of this blog.

I prefer Superbyq… for an obvious reason.

However, you can’t compare this museum to British Museum in London, and Leeds City Museum, which has better and bigger collections, and was free.

The wall was the last place I explore. Can’t say much about the wall, I may just post pictures as they worth thousands words (which makes me wonder if it would be fine if I just posted 15 pictures instead of writing 15000 words for my dissertation). And here’s what you’d see from the wall…


Time to go home now.


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