Dear Brother


Dear Brother

What’s up, Boy? Welcome to freedom.

This is the path where your three sisters have been through, now it’s your time to do repeat the glory. And, there’s some tips.

You’re motherfucking alone, Man. When I was there, I had those two nagging sisters who kept reminding me the right stuff, although they didn’t really talk much about shit. You know what I mean. But you would be there by yourself. Of course you have your friends and your girlfriends around, but that’s kind of different. I had the best weekends just the three of us, your two other sisters and I, and I doubt you would have that moments, poor lad.

But listen carefully, or if you need to, bookmark this page on your bloody laptop.

First of all, Lontong Sayur at Diponegoro is one of the best thing you can have for breakfast. Fatty, spicy and basically a good source of energy which hotness can slap you in your face and wake your sorry ass up before class. And make time to go to Om Eskrim, because that’s the experience of a lifetime you shouldn’t miss. DO NOT be picky with what flavour he’d be serving that day, try the weirdest one because you might not be able to find the same stuff the next day. Lipsaf is great, Om and Tante Lipsaf are the most friendly people in the word, talk to them if you have problem they might come up with some idea.

Budgeting is tricky. I know you are not used to that, but try not to use all your money at the beginning of the month and starve the next 2 weeks. That’s pathetic. And that’s not how your sisters did. So shut up and start managing your monthly allowance you bastard.

Alcohol always taste nice. NEVER drink and drive.

I was the one who brought your sister to the club, and got her drunk until she hit jackpot. I did that not because I wanted to kill her by destroying her liver, but because I cared about her and I wanted to show her how nasty that was. I am sorry I couldn’t do the same for you, but if you really want to get drunk and totally hammered, bring one of your sisters, the one closest to your area to keep an eye of you.

Although I am aware that you’re doing martial arts and you are a guy, so the possibility of getting kidnapped and raped are pretty remote, but I am experienced enough to know that when you’d already hit a certain point you wouldn’t even able to knock a toddler out. So, be patience, wait for us to escort you to the club and fill you up with whiskey and rye and knock you down with seven shots of tequila. And remember, going out with your sisters means free drinks. I hope that’s worth it.

Hm… I believe that’s not what mum would expect from me 😀 But hey, I should come up with the important stuffs first, shouldn’t I?

Peer pressure is a bitch. You can do many things and it wouldn’t be good enough to make a place, don’t push it. You don’t have to be one of those, because you can always do better. See how supportive I could be if I wanted to? But really, I mean it. You can’t always follow your fellow classmates’ lifestyle. Trust me that’s just a fad and would go in weeks.

Be classy. Because classic stuffs last a lifetime.

Yes yes I know mum would want me to talk to you about the academic shits but that wouldn’t be as interesting as you would want to hear from me, would it?

Study hard. Party harder. LOL mum will kill me!!


One thing.

Somewhere along the way things would be harder than usual. It could go very boring and you would start questioning yourself why the fuck you want to do all these stuffs. Don’t listen to that psychotic voices, they would make you lost. You’ll do that because you wanted that, and that’s your responsibility to finish what you’ve started. Unless you’re really really really incapable of finishing that, and at that moment, please don’t refer me as your sister.

I’m an Asian sister, Man!

Seriously, moderate gaming! It would seriously jeopardise your academic life. I know!! It’s fun! But seriously, moderate it brother.

Last word… finally.

You have four years of freedom. Enjoy your uni life. It’s not as rockin’ as high school, but meh… Explore. And have fun.

Good Luck!

P.S. You can always come to any of your sisters for expert advises, family discount isn’t available on weekends.


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