Lost In York: Aftermath


Waiting the train to come at York Railway Station gave me a chance to take a better look at this grand station. It’s not the same with Norwich which is smaller, and London which are more modern. It has arches, things that always interest me. Maybe two years studying architecture, and learning some of the history gave me this obsessive attraction towards the grand arches and buildings.

Train came and journey home began. It was never as exciting as the beginning of the trip. It even left a little bit of melancholy, the thought, the wonders, and hopes that one day I would be able to come back to this place of beauty. Of course I missed Norwich, but… You know. I’m a little bit romantic when it comes to places and memories.

One thing that I love about taking a train trip to the north is the amazing view which, if I was that sentimental, I would cry a little bit. The beauty was a torture to me. The sun went down and came the dusk before you. The best song to describe my feeling at that moment was either Karen’s Theme or any of David Lanz’s work.

Munib, my smoking buddies back home at Norwich told me that it was stormy there. So did Mr. Fix-It who decided that picking me up from the railway station was a good idea. Of course at that moment, I didn’t have energy to argue.

The moment you realised that the fun was over, all the enthusiasm was replaced with the incredible exhaustion. I started to feel the pain in my feet, I thought it was the open blister that stinging, and the stiff muscles after a crazy long walk I had for three days. I started to got sniffles, it might be the cold I got from the rain I had at my first day. Funny that you didn’t feel any of this when you’re doing all the fun stuff at York.

One thing I haven’t mentioned in all of my earlier posts was that I didn’t go to York by myself. I met Cal, a friend I made from playing Tribalwars few months ago. He’s a cool eighteen years old boy with some problems at home. This trip might mean to him as much as it meant to me. It was a good getaway.

It made me sad when he asked me if we can do another adventure, and I had to break the news that this might be the last time I can see him. You know, this country can kick me anytime, I am not safe yet.

So after few hours I was home. All tired. But heck, I had fun like a madman. It’s all worth it.


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