Norwich Pride 2012 (Part 1)


It is about time for me to finally post this entry. I am so sorry I couldn’t give so much picture, and I will tell you why. But I believe late is better than nothing, tee hee, please don’t kill me. Shall we proceed?

It started a month ago when I first met Al. She was one of the coolest girl I have ever seen. I talked to her several times in the Internet and when I finally met her, she didn’t disappoint me at all. It was fun talking to her and that day when we met she told me about the Norwich Pride.

I have never gone to any Gay Pride before. I know that the blog nextdoor have uploaded a lot of picture of the festive celebration, but hey, this is my first year being in a country where your sexual orientation wouldn’t get you stoned, killed, or raped. So I was so excited I literally counted the day until I can experience myself the joyous liberating moment… or so I thought.

So, just a week before the D-day, I realised that I double booked the day. I figuratively felt like shit. I had to chaperone Amy to go to her first date with Mr. Doctor Molecular Bilologist. Can’t say no, I am pretty sure I was drunk when I set up the date. And voluntarily being the third wheel was… damn… I could be such a great wing-girl. Anyway, with the messed up schedule I had to re-plan the day.

Al told me that the parade would start at 2 pm from the Chapelfield Garden. But before that, there were some kind of stuff going on at the forum. So, because it was my fault for double booking my day, I had to sacrifice the other stuff. But, I regret nothing.

Apparently the date was going very well, and both Amy and Mr. Doctor Molecular Biology felt that I was being very helpful for making it happen. I told Mr. Fix-It that I could be a great Matchmaker. I couldn’t believe he retorted with such a snappy answer, “yeah, but not for yourself…” *sigh* oh well…

Knowing that they got on pretty well, I didn’t hesitate to leave it all to them. I finished my duty as a chaperone/ matchmaker/ third wheel/ wing girl, around quarter to two, and walked to the Chapelfield Garden right away. I texted Al to ask her where she was, and while we were texting I saw that bright pink hair of hers. I always love her hair.


The Chapelfield Garden looked different. I always walked passed this gazebo every time I walked to the City Centre. It is usually quiet and peaceful, with probably some teenagers having a picnic or some children enjoying the playground. It is usually green. But that day, it was colourful, festive and packed. Crowds and noise of happiness, people young and old, went all out with their out of the world outfits. It was crazy.

Even Al couldn’t believe that there are so many PLU in this city. I can understand that, I don’t know much about the LGBT community in this city but as far as I know there’s only one popular gay club here. The Castle. Muahahahaha…. I went there, but wait a minute, we’re not there yet…


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  1. Oh! Cool… I always love pride, anyhow it always remembered me on ‘Tujuhbelasan’ carneval in Indonesia with such cheerful-colorful-costumes and happy faces anywhere, and jejogetan-tak-pernah-henti lol…
    We have been take a part on Hamburg Pride last weekend and of course it will be published as my next posting on my blog :))