Norwich Pride 2012 (Part 2)


Of course I have to make the part 2 and possibly part 3. I am in the need of making as much entries before new year! The fucking hacker ruined my records. So bear with me darling.

So where were we? Oh yeah, I met Al at the Chapelfield Garden. She introduced me to her friends Jay and Em. Jay is a not so tall guy with not so slim figure. He wears eye liner, and dyed his mohawk blue. He was chatty and at the first glance I thought he was a gay, although I doubt a gay would have that kind of fashion sense. No he’s not gay, I knew that later when he constantly tried to hit on me. I can make a whole entry about this stuff. But there’s Em. She’s a girl with blue hair. You wouldn’t miss her bright blue hair, blue eye shadow and beautiful gothic-ish white dress. I like her deep-ish, coarse-ish voice when she made a snappy sarcastic retorts every now and then. Sadly, she’s not gay either.

The four of us, along with the group of trans-sexual ladies who are very chatty and happy (and FGS they dressed better than us >_<), walked in the parade. It was just a short walk from the Chapelfield Garden, through the Gentleman’s Walk, and the open market, until it stopped at the forum where the crew had set up a small stage for free entertainment. The walk is not too long, but it was quite an experience for me. I have never in my life feeling so exposed and nervous and yet so drowned in the ambience. This is why I couldn’t take so much picture. I forgot about the camera in my hand. All I could do was absorbing the moment that I had.


Al went for a hunt almost immediately. With Jay as her wingman, she tried to find someone she would ask to go tonight. Yes, the after parade plan. While they’re scanning the crowd and building strategies, I was perving at the dancers on the stage. Oh dear lord, I have never, in my life, being able to stare at so many butts, boobs and legs without being judged. Al and Jay told me their plan, distracted me from the dancing teenagers on the stage, and Al told me that I need to find a girl too because dating boys stained my purity. What the heck was that? -_-‘

Suddenly Al called a dibs. Damn it. A beautiful short haired girl with a black tank and a skinny jeans was smoking just about three meters from us. Jay the wingman went and approached her and asked if she had a girlfriend (no) and told her that his friend with pink hair there (pointing at Al) thought she was very pretty (oh so sweet of her). Apparently it was her first Gay Pride too (hey gay pride virgin here!). So they exchanged mobile numbers and stuff… and yeah.

Al asked me if I would want to join them hang out for awhile until the party time. Sure why not. After all, my dissertation can wait… right? The smoking hot short haired girl that I still remember her name but not bother to make pseudonym for her, didn’t go with us. She decided to hang around at the forum for awhile and she said she might join us later for the awesome night. No she didn’t go with us to The Castle. Yes the gay club.

Not now.. Not now…


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