Norwich Pride 2012 (Part 3)


I promise this would be the last part of the Norwich Pride day. Trust me if it’s not because so many things happened in one day, I wouldn’t be able to stretch the story and break it to three long entries, would I? So erase those frown from your face and we shall go on…

Hm… We were… Oh yeah. We left the forum without that smoking hot short haired chick with high cheekbones and glowing skin that I don’t bother to make a pseudonym for her. Bought some boozes and went to Jay’s house and hang out. We talked a lot, and now I can tell you why I am not so fond of this Jay guy.

I know he is Al’s friend, so I couldn’t really tell her how uncomfortable I was when he said something which was supposed to be funny yet flirty to me. Trust me, I was not really impressed by him. Not only physically, mainly not physically (although those eyeliner really such a turned off), but I don’t really fascinated with the way he brought himself. No tact, no real quality that I appreciate from someone. He might be a good person, but he’s lack of this “something”. Maybe because I have been with Mr. Fix-It, and Mr. Break-It, who both are¬†literate, tactile and polite.

I don’t mind crude, sexist, racist jokes. I can find it funny. But there’s a fine line between them and sexual harassment, and insulting behaviour, and the way he treated Em was so wrong in my opinion. I don’t know if Em felt okay with that, but public groping to a friend (or even friend with benefit) was humiliating. Especially if it’s non consensual. I wouldn’t even allow my partner to do that to me. And if someone do that to me I would slap him (not her, because I don’t really like the idea of hitting a girl).

And this person, who couldn’t appreciate a girl as wonderful as Em, tried to hit on me? Come on. I am not that desperate.

But heck, I was there for Al, not for him. I left my unopened booze at his place but I don’t bother to get them back, I don’t really want to see him if Al wasn’t around. Trust me, it’s that bad for me.

But his roommate, Ed was the most wonderful person I’ve ever seen. He cleaned up the kitchen Jay messed up, he played drum, and he might be one of the most cultured person I’ve ever talked to. He dyed his hair red, and the eyeliner didn’t make him like a rockstar wannabe. And he’s gay. Of course. Damn it. He was one of the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. High cheekbones, slender toned figure, deep eyes, and well mannered behaviour, and no girl… not for you. Scumbag universe.

The Castle wasn’t so far, but being drunk after finishing some of our booze stashes, I couldn’t really indicate where I was going. But I managed to stay sober enough to keep myself in an English mode. Means, I didn’t start slurring in Indonesian. I couldn’t actually remember the chat I had with Ed, but I remember staring at him and kept saying sorry for doing that. I told you he’s beautiful. And after finishing our drink he asked me if I wanted to go to dance. Yes of course. And of course, he’s a great dancer.

But it was late, and I didn’t want to stay at his place, because it means I had to stay at Jay’s place. D u h. Yes it’s that bad. So, I decided to walk home as there’s no bus at 2 a m. Did I go home safe? I guessed so… I woke up alone, clothes completely intact, and totally hungover. But heck… it was a crazy 12 hours of my life. I could do that again sometimes…


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