Undercover Cupid: A Story of A Match Maker (1)


I never thought I was good at it. Heck, I was not even sure that Amy and Mr Doctor Molecular Biologist would get on quite well after the date. Who would guess that it could happen especially when we know there was quite a history between The Mr Doctor and I.

Oh rainy day, I think it’s just a great day to take a sip of coffee and talk about the past… a little (because I know I have to go back to my dissertation again). So shall I start my story?

So my dear reader, remember few months ago when I made several entries about dating site and how I told you that finally I completed the profile? I might consciously and deliberately skipped the part where I actually had several meet up with some people from the mentioned website. Not much. However my absent in providing you with my personal details should be forgiven, firstly, it might be too personal and I didn’t really want to share, and secondly, probably it was also because of the hacking attempt that disallow me to access this blog. So move on, Love?

Of course I had fun with those meet up, why do you think I kept doing it? But honestly, I wasn’t trying to find a date. I might have to refresh again, that the reason why I joined the dating site was because of an accidental situation. I met few good guys, some were potential but since it was in the beginning of the year, I was still in the right state of mind NOT to get myself distracted with any romance whatsoever that might jeopardise my academic life.

I am not quite remember but I guess it was around a month before I met Mr. Break-It, I met Mr. Doctor Molecular Biologist. I agreed to meet him JUST BECAUSE he knew a lot about Lord Of The Rings. He knew about “The Hobbit” before it was popularised with the soon to be released film, and he was the one who recommended me with Silmarillion. You don’t know what Silmarillion is? Well, I didn’t know either. So, I met him at the coffee shop at the City Centre.

He was tall, average built, friendly eyes and nice smile. He was smart, as I thought before, and he knew a lot about this city. He brought me to places which I never knew was existed in this city and basically he ticked all things in my list. But then I met Mr. Break-It.

Being me, such a drama junkie, I chose someone who later on would dump me and broke my heart and soul.

However, Mr. Doctor Molecular Biologist and I remain friends.

One day, I believe it happened before GLHF, I went out with Mr. Doctor Molecular Biologist. Mind you, I was still with Mr. Fix-It. I went out with Mr. Doctor Molecular Biologist in the capacity of a friend. It had been months since the last time he and I actually went out and talk. And going out with him reminded me how great it was to have a friend like him.

In the middle of conversation, of course after I whine about my miserable guilty feelings towards Mr. Fix-It and pathetic broken heart, I offered him to match him up with one of my friends. At that very moment, I don’t have ANY idea. I was thinking of Denise, but she wasn’t talking to me (sadly, I don’t think I would ever talk to her ever again. I will feed you up with the story later). But he laughed and I thought I would get away with it.

No I was wrong….


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