Undercover Cupid: A Story of A Match Maker (2)


Before I continue, I need you to know that I am not deliberately break this story into two parts. I hate breaking stories in the middle, it’s like writing a soap opera. But, I believe you understand that sometimes the story itself is too long to be written in one entry, and in my experience, not everybody like to read long entries. I will try my best not to make this (breaking an entry) as a habit.

So where was I, Darlings?

Oh true. I was telling you about how I offered Mr. Doctor Molecular Biologist to introduce him to my friends. And when I thought that he never took it seriously, he sent me a message one day and asked me if the offer is still on.

I was raised with high pride and take responsibility of every words I said. Of course I am not perfect but for me, if I couldn’t complete a simple task like this I might die in shame and my soul wouldn’t rest in peace. After all, I was in a full consciousness that my job as a matchmaker is to arrange a meet up with an allegedly suitable date and hope the best (and probably get paid for it).

So I look through my friends list.

Not much.

I am a loner.

I didn’t know why I had made that offer at the first place. Trust me, I had more male friends than female friends. And among those not so many female friends, some are gay and some stop talking to me. But, I remembered Amy.

I met Amy at the second day in Norwich. She was basically my first ever friend. She was the one who gave me the UK mobile number before I changed it to T-Mobile so I could activate my blackberry. She, the opposite of me, was a social butterfly. She knows everybody, she knows where to hang out in the city, and she with her magic can maintain all her friends. She is a friendly figure which everybody love. She is the girl who shine in the middle of the crowd, while I might want to find a quiet corner and drink and get hammered.

Once in a while she would try to make contact with me. Of course, because I don’t really make contact with any living being. I was always too busy with my own stuffs but she was always know when to initiate a hello. I don’t even know why she wanted to be friends with me.

Her love life crap. I don’t have to exploit her love drama, because I think mine is enough to make you, my dear reader vomiting blood. So I think, if a good girl like her have a crap love life, and so does a good guy like Mr. Doctor Molecular Biologist, why not make them together so that they can make good things happen for each other? That’s the cunning plan, of course.

So one evening I went out with Amy and talk and I asked her if she wanted to meet Mr. Doctor Molecular Biologist. And Amy being herself, never refused any opportunity to make new friend. Of course she agreed. Funnily, both Amy and Mr. Doctor Molecular Biologist insisted that I should come along to chaperone. As if they have never dated anyone else before. But there was the date.

It has been weeks since the fateful Saturday afternoon. I left both of them on a coffee shop in the Guild Hall. Amy basically talk to me about him almost all the time, and that she worried about small things that she shouldn’t be nervous about. I don’t know, maybe I did the same when I dated someone that I thought might be potential. And on the other hand, Mr. Doctor Molecular Biologist literally thanked me for arranging the date for him.

Am I happy? Of course I am. I also worry that if it didn’t work it would cost me a friendship too.

Yes, I am a good matchmaker.


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