Title: Lolita
Author: Vladimir Nabokov

Coming to America, a European gentleman, Humbert Humbert ended up being a lodger in a house owned by a young widow, Charlotte Haze who lives there with her twelve years old daughter Dolores Haze; a nymphet.
Humbert had to resist his developing feeling towards Dolores which was not only seen deviant in the cultural settings, but also against the law. When Dolores was sent to the Summer Camp, Humbert married Charlotte Haze. Fateful accident killed Charlotte, which made Humbert the single parents of Dolores.
Queer love drama begun when Humbert decided to take Dolores for his own.

It is a hard work enough to bring this unusually challenging subject to a fiction without being disturbing to the readers. It is even harder to make it entertaining, and lightly storytelling the subject in a humorous way. Humbert as the main character acted as a narrator for the whole story, presented the story from his point of view in a very playful manner.
The eyebrow rising subject such as a underage sexual exploitation was portrayed, with a dark humour which barely offensive, especially for me. Somewhere along the way, instead of having this urge to bash, and condemn Humbert as a child predator, I started to feel sympathetic to this character. The way he desperately tried to justified paedophilia have made him creepily understandable.
There is no way you want to compare this book with child porn. It’s nowhere near pornography. It’s a great literature which would tickle your brain and moral principal and make you question the grey area of love and sexuality.
Would I recommend this book?
I got this book after having a recommendation from my friend, and I will pay it forward and recommend this to my readers.


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