One Direction Covered OASIS’S Wonderwall




Please stop reading if you’re One Direction’s fan, because the rest of this entry would hurt your heard and scarred your soul for the rest of your life. And I don’t want to pick a fight with fangirl because I know how crazy they could be, and I really don’t want anybody make any more attempt to hack this blog. Ever. Again. So please… I am asking nicely, that if you don’t want to see your idol being bashed, just… close this window or whatever, but don’t stay. Thank you.

So… fangirl have gone already? So shall we talk now? Alright…

I posted the video on my facebook page and the reaction from my cousin’s friend (remember my cousin who introduced me to OASIS?) was “Eew *puke*” 

You can imagine how embarrassed I was knowing that I posted a blasphemy on my facebook, and someone who introduced me to OASIS gave me the last condescending comment, “Post something good next time”. I almost cried.

I know I should not do this, but I know I owe the humanity a favour. So I posted this once more in my blog.

Yes. This cover was probably one of the worst cover I have ever listened to. I have heard Wonderwall was covered into bossa and jazz, sang by very girly female voice, and they’re not bad. Of course nobody sing it better than Liam Gallagher, but heck, that’s not the point. My point is, I have never heard Wonderwall is performed like that. Or, if it’s not clear enough for you… I have never… ever… change the track before Wonderwall is finished playing. And I just did. Because of this bloody cover.

Yes. This cover hurt my ear, and damaged me mentally. I am not sure if I could ever recover from this emotional scar in the future. And yes, I hated this cover with passion. It is wonderwall cover and i hate it. You know how bad it is for me?


I have to admit that I can not ignore the reason why they sang this song. Even a bunch of teenage boyband can have a good sense of musicality (maybe because they are British), too bad their fans don’t. But come on… Anyone can cover wonderwall on youtube, why can’t they? They want to be youtube sensation like Bieber, what’s the big deal? It’s the youngster stuff…

The way I see it, these young men appreciated OASIS song that much so they less-than-mediocre-ly sang it as their admittance of what a great songwriter Noel Gallagher is, and how influential wonderwall is. Covering someone’s song is not always a way to hitch hike a great band’s popularity, like… anybody remember Westlife? Sang songs which were already popular… erm…


But, even OASIS covered I Am Walrus by The Beatles. And Robbie Williams sang Queen’s We Will Rock You. Leona Lewis sang Stop Crying Your Heart Out. Don’t mention Linkin Park who sang Adele’s song which I can’t even remember the name. Chris Martin and Noel Gallagher sang each other song. These… are their tribute, their respect to other musician. Although I am still confused why the fuck Linkin Park sang Adele’s song -_-” mellow much, Chester?

And these kids needs to learn to make a better song. And copying is a first step of learning. Who knows they can be better? Who knows they can make the change in the face of the world? Who knows there’s hope in humanity? Who knows?


And who can teach them better than the GOD himself?


I know some of you might think I am being very nice today. But no I am not. People who knows me really well would soon realise how deep I am in a denial mode. How I want to just being immature fangirl bashing around about this shit. Yes.

I only have one question now.

Why Wonderwall? From so many songs you can ruin, why did you choose this phenomenal song? Why? Why chose Oasis’s song? From so many bands you can choose, why OASIS?

Bunch of bloody bastards.


4 responses

  1. My friend uploaded me singing Queen’s Don’t stop me now … which was a total embarrassment … I asked him to delete it before I even watched it … it’s horror!!! I was afraid Freddie Mercury would cry in his grave … .

    I won’t do the same with Oasis esp with you as their fan…. :p


  2. Awwwawwwawww …
    I just wonder… if it were me with my so-off-tune and false voice covering Oasis’ Wonderwall, would you also condemned me so much? …