The Spirit of The Independence Day


Sixty seven years ago today, our founding fathers declared the freedom of our country. Last year I spent the independence day celebration in Kotamobagu. All those street lamps, and the proud flag high in the sky. Red, and white all over the city. But what’s a celebration without contemplation? It’s like getting older, but none the wiser.

Took me the whole hour to actually start writing this blog. Hoping with all my heart that my laptop wouldn’t restart again TT__T (yes, I this laptop have been a little bit troublesome since yesterday, but let’s not talk about that today, shall we?). I tried to think of what’s the meaning of independence and freedom. Of course I can see both definitions on the dictionary, but let’s just try to think a little further than just a line of definition.

Freedom is what we have now. It is what we fought for, and what we earned. It is the state of not being under *cough*oppression*cough*. It is when we can be who we want to be, what we want to be, and nobody could tell us otherwise. It is exactly the same with the feeling when you were away from home from the first time. From your mum’s mansion. The day you set your own rule, and you’re the boss of yourself. That’s freedom.

But is being free means you’re independent? Sadly, not necessarily. As much as those words are so close in meanings, they’re just non-identical twins.

Independence is not only the state of being free. But more than that, independence means that you can take care of yourself. Independence means you’re taking your freedom with the responsibility not to abuse it. Employing the same analogy: you’re not only away from home, but you pay for your own bills and food without your mum’s monies and dad’s dough. And not beg for your grandparents’ gold too -_-”. It’s the sign of maturity.

In our life, freedom sometimes comes along with the adulthood. When you have reached a certain age, you’re given this chance of liberty. The privilege to chose the course you want to take in whatever uni you want to go to, the clothes you want to wear no matter how skanky it looks on you. But independency apparently does not come with age. Bugger.

It comes with the right attitude and the wit to step up, out from your bloody comfort zone. Be grateful with the freedom given and appreciate it by showing to the world that you’re bloody deserve it.

Independence is what we sought 😦

Our country is free, but are we independent now? Our country is getting older, but is she getting wiser now?

– – –

Some people are being ignorant about this year’s independence day. Honestly, I did not give a damn to the celebration. I missed the celebration every year. But hey, I didn’t even want to celebrate my own birthday. Anniversary is a contemplating day. You can party, but that’s not the point of it. It’s a commemoration of something important. It is a remembrance of what’s essential.

It is the day to be grateful of something that in most days you can just take it for granted. Your nation, your culture, your ethnicity and heritage. Your freedom. Your life.

My father asked me how come I become so nationalist. I am not. Or, I don’t know if I do. But I appreciate the country I was born in, and the nationality I was born with. I appreciate the life my grandfather fought for (I think I have told you that my grand father was once a soldier). Living away from home I see in a different point of view. That I feel weird if someone thought I was from some other country. That I can proudly say: I am Indonesian.

You would never know how it feels until you’re in this position.

So, no… I don’t want to celebrate it with a festive party. I don’t want to carry out a ceremony in the field too… But there is something today. And you should know it.



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